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The Duchess of Sussex

Image from the BBC

An absolute stunner of a modern dress by Givenchy with protocol-required sleeves…but collarbones on display?

The Song of Solomon in the reading?

MLK, African American spirituals, and social issues in the sermon?

An unabashedly progressive and somewhat controversial Reverend?

A gospel choir?

A bride walking herself up the aisle and giving herself away?

All of the Commonwealth nations referenced in her veil?

The signature messy updo?

The groom choosing to wear a ring?

THAT cello player?

Feelings on display? Publicly?!

The (utterly elegant, lovely, and show-stealing) MoB wearing dreadlocks and a nosering whilst seated across from the Queen in coordinated colors?

Stand By Me and This Little Light of Mine?

The new Duchess of Sussex could have gone quietly into her new life, gone traditional, acquiesced to the frank ugliness of the tabloids, played it safe, and had a perfectly nice and boring wedding. She didn’t.

Color me too-emotionally-involved, but the whole ceremony felt at once deeply personal and also a signal for the kinds of public figures this couple intends to be. Weddings are typically the “bride’s day,” at least when one is not marrying into a firm, and that’s what this felt like in all the important ways.

She might be marrying into an institution and making concessions to do so, but she is clearly carving out a way to do it on her and her husband’s terms. She respected the tradition she is stepping into it while unabashedly–without being brash but also without shrinking–brought her own tradition, family, heritage, and personality along with her. This woman is a smart cookie.



At This Hour, Better Than Infomercials

“One of the best things about marriage is that it gets young people to bed at a decent hour.”
~ M.M. Musselman

I thought I might try to get up and watch Middleton bring it off, but I seriously doubted my ability to haul myself out of bed that early.  Luckily I seem to have developed a slight case of insomnia lately so the point was sort of moot.  By the time 4am rolled around I was dying for something to do anyway.

I’m not a royal watcher, but I think there is a place for the monarchy in the modern world if it can adapt to changing times and modernize when necessary.  And although I’m not sure I’d wish her future life on my worst enemy, I like Kate.  She’s classy and savvy.  Best of luck.  And yes, both your dress and hair were fabulous, dear.

Note: Will and Kate both looked exhausted, frankly I would be too with the sort of scrutiny and To-Do list they must have had.  I hope at some point some nice groveling courtier takes them aside and spirits them to one of the hundreds of room in one of their many palaces, begs them to take their shoes off, and take a nap.