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Friday Links (slightly overwhelmed in a good way, edition)

“The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers & cities; but to know someone who thinks & feels with us, & who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You people are wonderful, thank you for all the lovely comments and emails from my last post. I’ve really been blown away by how something that felt so personal and unique to one community has turned out to be a pretty universal emotion and feeling. Such is the way of all fear and trepidation, I suppose. Either way, reading through those was the most cheered I felt in a week.

In the meantime, while one aspect of life has been a pit of turmoil, others have been tripping quite merrily on without time to waste. The human experience is a strange, fractal thing… Currently I’m working on one project that might or might not have anything to do with the Miss America contest, another involves wrestling through multiple layers of online security which makes me feel much more advanced and technologically impressive than I am. Nifty things and amazing work happening over in freelance territory.

Also our five year (!) wedding anniversary is coming up Tuesday. Don’t ask me where the time went.

Here are your links for the week, add anything else worth reading about and let me know what you’re getting up to in the comments!

The tumblr find of the week reminds us that not all advice is helpful.

Interesting portraits of first year college students. We’re coming up on the 10th anniversary of me starting college (clutches self a bit to realize that) but I don’t have many photos from that time period still hanging around. I’ve never been a big picture taker until we moved to London, and even then very few of myself or Jeff. I wish I had more from my college days.

Everything about this story is pretty horrifying.

Really interesting TED talk on how we as a society are using people with disabilities as motivation, which on its face seems good but as the speaker points out, has a pretty bad side effect.

Longtime readers know I simply cannot resist a good art mystery!

This American Life did another live show (their last one was one of my favorite things of 2012, so I was too excited not to share).

I bear witness of the high heel insert, personally.

A source of some confusion to various friends and acquaintances, I have never been to Disney World/Land. I have been to Euro Disney, but those in the know tell me that this is Not At All the Same Thing. So, people who know better than I, tell me what you think of Disney Land’s original prospectus?

If you are suffering from an insufficiency of cuteness this Friday, may I offer this as a balm?

I would kill to get my hands on one of these 18th century pattern books on fabrics and textiles to sift through on a rainy afternoon.

A cover letter from Leonardo da Vinci.

I loved this piece on the world of incredibly valuable but often invisible work and how much we rely on it.

Summer sales are lovely, forbidden things. Some of you go and buy something fabulous from GiGi New York for my sake, please. Let me live vicariously.

Friday Weeks (Making it after all, edition)

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
― George Eliot

Big week! Huge existing projects, potential new projects, and scheduled meetups and meetings with people for even more potential new projects. Freelancing is an interesting business, there are some weeks that are very standard and uneventful but you get good work done, and others that just set you up for leaps and bounds of growth if you make smart decisions. Hopefully this has been the latter.

This weekend I’m meeting up with a bunch of academic friends (usually scattered from London to Cambridge, but convening in the capital for food and talk), editing and updating my recently expanded portfolio, and hopefully hitting up some new museum exhibitions with Jeff. We walk on the wild side, kittens. Here are your links, share anything else worth knowing in the comments, and let me know what your weekend plans are!

 photo curvegarden_zpscf67d865.jpg

From my latest urban agriculture profile over on The Thrifty Homesteader.

The tumblr find of the week is a source of unending hilarity and delight to me. One feed, one singular purpose. (Also, he was all kinds of dishy back in the day, was he not? Insert a sort of humming, growl-y noise here.)

People. Fundamentally decent.

Even now I have Teddy, a well worn and well loved, formerly pink bear I got the day I was born. She was my best friend and partner in crime in childhood, and still beloved to this day. (When we were dating, Jeff once commented on the less than pristine state of her fur and had to spend a lot of time apologizing to make up for it. He may be my greatest, but she was my first love.)

An excellent piece on the importance of boredom, very thought provoking.

As of tomorrow it is officially summer. Would that I were not two feet too short to wear this dress in celebration.

This is my favorite headline to come out of the World Cup thus far.

One of my cousins recently got engaged in a spectacular fashion and a photographer was on hand to capture the moment. Unsurprisingly, since my cousin happens to be a model, the shots turned out gorgeous so you’ll forgive me if I shamelessly share them.

I already posted a PSA, but for those who missed it, online buddy Kim Curran’s fabulous new novel GLAZE is now available on Kindle for $.99! It’s only for two more days, though, so get cracking.

I am still supremely annoyed that we had to forgo Ascot this year, but the Fug Girls are providing the necessary hat commentary until next summer. When we WILL be going.

I sincerely love human beings seemingly innate desire to make functional things beautiful – though I doubt the wisdom of silver finger protectors to avoid harm coming from picking strawberries (possibly the world’s least dangerous summertime delicacy) out of a bowl.

Essie nail polishes are easily my favorite, but the story of the woman behind the company is just as good in my opinion.

Pretty pieces of custom embroidery.

Last week I shared a piece from the New York Times about Mormon activists facing church discipline. This week an exceptionally good post on one of the most famous stories of dissent from within the Mormon faith community, Nazis are involved.

Friday (the 13th!) Links

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”
– George Orwell

Happy Friday the 13th, kittens! Hope you’re celebrating and/or trembling in fear according to what brings you the most satisfaction.

It’s been a nicely un-frantic week in freelancing and I’ve been able to get caught up on a number of projects around the house, including a major reorganization of the flat which has given us a lot more space. Steady work with steady clients and just enough free time to start a new schedule after the Franklin House. Working from home is a constant juggling act but there are good reasons to do it…but I get ahead of the links!

13th or not, it’s still Friday so find your weekly dosage below. Add anything you think the minion coterie needs to know and let me know what you’re up to in the comments!
 photo boats_zps192f20a7.jpg

Celebrate this most superstitious of days with some new superstitions.

For the things you never knew you needed.

The World Cup is on, but there’s a pretty horrible underbelly to one of the world’s biggest sporting events. A Brazilian non-profit journalism group investigated the alleged rise in sex trafficking prior to the games, and turned their investigation into a powerful story along with Buzzfeed. Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Janssen over at Everyday Reading has released her summer reading list. Go forth and stock your Goodreads, minions!

Interesting read on the internet, brain chemistry, and motivation.

Seriously everyone, STOP with the “love locks!

Friend and Friend of the Blog, the redoubtable Caitlin Kelly over at Broadside, has put together a fantastically good post on the pros and cons of freelancing. If you’re considering freelance work (and these days that’s up to 1/3 of American and British workers), you need to read this.

First issues of famous magazines.

Printed cartoons are near and dear to my heart, and I remember tearing through the massive Sunday papers to get at the “funny pages” as a kid. Well, if you’re still reading them, Stephan Pastis (who draws the strip Pearls Before Swine) has had a new looking going on lately…and the story behind it is amazing. I’ve written before of my love for Calvin and Hobbes, without exaggeration I consider it a major hallmark of my personal childhood and one of the best depictions of childhood ever created.

Stand back, kids, this might be the dish I try and conquer for #6 on my list!

This looks like the most delightful, summery dress.

Tavi Gevinson has grown up from the Style Rookie to be, well, a lot of other things. She’s the kind of young woman that makes you wonder what you’ve accomplished in comparison, but I admire a lot of what she’s done so far and think she has a long and interesting career ahead of her.

These Aled Lewis pillows are giving me life: horse speaking wisdom, woodland Agatha Christie realness, and…caption this one in the comments for me.

Having just got through a period of unusual exhaustion, I can openly confess to doing at least half of these and I can see that they’ve definitely contributed.

A development that, in my opinion signals the end of the so-called Mormon Moment: two Mormon activists are facing religious discipline for their involvement in communities and causes. Not everyone will be interested, but if you are at all intrigued or follow intersections of religion and feminism/gender issues particular, this is a story worth reading up on. (Here’s another primer on this history of excommunication in Mormon feminism, for the curious.)

Friday Links (Farewell, Ben Edition)

“Remember that time is money.”
– Benjamin Franklin

It’s the end of an era, kittens, my last day at the Franklin House. It’s been a good ride and I’ve been able to learn a lot about this industry and meet some truly fantastic people who you are definintely going to be hearing more about in the future (some of us may or may not already be planning summer barbeques together). On the freelance front, work is picking up with some new projects, but I get to pay another round of taxes (blech). Here are you links, let me know what you’re up to in the comments!

Fascinating look at how news organization manage their social media.

This is brilliant (PS, congratulations to Georgina who just got a cultural heritage and education job at Kensington Palace), but I watched the entire vid with wide eyes imagining what would have happened had they dropped that thing.  This are the dark places a history person’s mind goes.

I bow to others’ wisdom, is this the most Canadian headline ever? Caitlin Kelly, please advise!

Color me mesmerized… I love ballet. I haven’t yet converted Jeff to it like I have the opera, but I have high hopes.

Speaking of the ballet, here’s a great profile on a dancer who is making history.

This girl is only six years old, but she kindly invites the haterz to eat it.

There is (yet another) reality television show for me to hate, but now with the added bonus of making me want to bury my head in the sand as an adopted Londoner. It’s called, “I Wanna Marry Harry,” and it’s dreadful. We may not have inherited rank in America, but really, countrymen? Really? The only redeeming side effect for this embarrassment is the Fug Girls’ incredible recaps. They watch, so you don’t have to. Because you really, really shouldn’t.

One last bit of royally themed goodness: emeralds. (Whispered in a voice not entirely unlike Smeagol’s.)

In case you had any doubts on the matter. But have we not all of us, at one time or another, developed resentment at a public dance? And as for being in a garden and being astonished!

This child has a future. In the J. Crew children’s section.

If you watch Game of Thones and have not yet seen Gay of Thrones from Funny or Die, I urge you to rectify this shameful lapse. (Standard warning for pearl clutchers, there is language and they discuss…well, everything that Game of Thrones does. Which basically ancient Rome on a really hedonistic day.)

Big news from my buddy Teri, the outrageously talented and designer over at The Lovely Drawer has launched her Etsy shop. Check it out! (Also, if you’re not following her blog, you should be. Not only does she keep you abreast of design and the good things in life, she’s unbelievable generous with beautiful free offerings.)

Pleases me, this does.

Hm, you mean that the ability to nurture children isn’t a strictly or even predominately female trait, but a skill? One you develop by doing? And men’s brains are just as capable as women’s to develop in the similar ways? There are are so many people (primarily former youth religious leaders with fixed ideas about gender roles) that I want to send this too, it’s almost tempting to put together a mass email.

Well shoot, I am officially out of excuses. (The NYT offers some additional information.)

Bestie and New York journalist Xarissa Holdaway’s new piece on Orange Is the New Black‘s portrayal of faith behind bars.


Friday Links

“I’m a very ritualistic, routine-oriented person, and I discovered over the years that I love working Monday through Friday.”
– Edie Falco

It’s a Friday with a busy weekend ahead, Monday is my birthday (I’ll officially be in my late 20s, and therefore entirely mature and responsible, of course), and next week is my last at the Franklin House. The times they are a-changing.

Here are your links, add any others worth knowing in the comments and let me know what you’re getting up to this weekend!

First and foremost, I wrote a post this week that went a tiny bit viral (by my standards at least). It was in response to the Santa Barbara killing and why I find it so important to claim the title of “feminist,” in spite of and often because of the price I’ve paid for it. The response I’ve gotten to this post on social media and via email has been pretty awesome. Here’s one response post from another writer.

Nerd culture and misogyny, h/t to Ellie, a friend of mine who is an editor at Marvel.

Another good link (h/t my friend Molly) about a culture of toxic masculinity. It’s not an easy read, but it’s an important one. When I say Patriarchy hurts everyone, even men, this is what I mean. And as the author points out, in the last few months alone there have been a string of events where men and boys have hurt or killed women for refusing them dates, sexual advances, or proposals. This is not an isolated event, this is the latest and most visible in a pattern.

Lastly on this topic, Laurie Penny over at the New Statesman wrote a much better post than mine on the killing, and everyone needs to read.

Okay. Other links for the weekend, though please do continue the conversation at my link or elsewhere. Our culture really is starved for better conversation about gender violence and we need to recognize that genuine misogyny is not a problem for other geographic areas of the world, or different cultures, it’s everywhere. And we need to fix it.

I’ll just leave this Instagram find of the week right here.

A question I have wrestled with for most of my life.

I’m gearing up for another round of applications and pitches, and it turns out some friends and members of the minion coterie are in the same boat. Here’s a link Alanna sent me that I’ve really been enjoying and using to gut up and stay motivated.

The inspiring and lovely Bethany over at Love Grows Designs wrote a guest post this week that I also found helpful. Which of us has not had a “long dark tea time of the soul,” to both paraphrase and plagiarize (Douglas Adams in particular. One of my favorite books)?

Tying scarves like a Frenchwoman, because summer is coming and we need pretty, breezy looks.

Friend of the blog and writer over at Riding Bitch, Niva wrote a really beautiful piece about loss and friends.

I would very much like this hat for summer, please.

Oh man…right in the childhood! Long live Reading Rainbow! (PS, they are still taking donations, and as of typing this, they were at $1.8 million.)

Another gently thought provoking piece from Maxie McCoy over at Ilo Inspired. I was lucky enough to meet Maxie at a Levo League event, which only helped to solidify my girl crush. I’ve had to “give up” on a few things recently and, to quote Frost, “it has made all the difference.”

I’d watch an awful lot of these. Submit your own mashup ideas in the comments.

My tiny kitchen and I have yet to reach an understanding, 8 months into our relationship. I never understood my mother’s complaints about kitchen spaces “not working” in several of the various houses we lived in over the years until now. Some are simply planned better than others. And I’m not even a particularly domestic woman! But I found these tips helpful in thinking of new ways to tackle that space.

I like collaborative apps, so here’s one if you’re trying to eat healthier. FoodTweeks will help you cut unnecessary calories and make food donations every time you do so. Winning!

I lied. In continuing ridiculous sexism and women’s sexuality news, this high school induces headdesks.

Friday Links (Summer Has Arrrived Edition)

“I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.”
-Groucho Marx

This week has turned things around in a big way and much has been done, all of it . I had another cowork day with Alanna (who might soon be upping sticks on an adventure of her own), completed lots of  freelance work, went to a book launch (more on that later) and had an impromptu date night with Jeff. All things considered, that’s a banner week. Here are your links, kittens – short and dirty this week, so do link anything else worth knowing in the comments. For the benefit of the minion coterie, you understand!

I’ve only got six (!) working days left at the Franklin House, so there’s been a lot of gearing up for the Next Big Thing here at Small Dog headquaters, which of course includes a new round of pitches to editors. Here’s my confession: pitching irrationally terrifies me. It’s not at all as scary as my brain builds it up to be, which I understand intellectually, and I’ve got some new recent and impressive clips now to help me out, but still. Scary. Which is why this kick-in-the-pants post from Linda Formichelli was quite timely!

Another timely read from Garance.

One dad has made some artwork based on the crazy things he has said because of his children, and some of them are pretty giggle worthy. Parents, weigh in. Accurate or not?

I’m a little bit in love with these animal pun illustrations for cards, etc.

My inner five year old is thrilled, a new gigantic dinosaur fossil has been unearthed in Argentina and to dates it’s the largest dinosaur ever discovered.

Pineapple earrings. Which might be necessary to my happiness, as my birthday is just over a week away…

As a person with a hard won and complex relationship with faith and spirituality, I found this short Buzzfeed piece written by a young woman who has lost hers interesting.

Janssen’s Summer 2014 Tell Me What To Read list has begun over at Everyday Reading. I love her reviews and she influences my own To Read list heavily, but her comment threads are also excellent places to pick up recommendations.

Friday Links

“Friday’s a free day.”
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

It’s Friday, ducklings, of the TGI variety. It’s been an up and down sort of week, but mostly ending on an up. I got some supremely nice emails after my post about self care as a freelancer, which was lovely, and have carved out some time for friends and museums this weekend. Like tea, both are tonic to the soul. Now if my Kindle and laptop could both stop acting as electronics possessed, all would be right with the world. Here are your links, share anything worth knowing in the comments, and tell me what you’re getting up to this weekend. As a gentle reminder to stateside minions, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday – ring your mums!

 photo cat_zps35f2e5d2.jpg

If the internet has taught us nothing, it’s that cats are a balm. Here’s the Spitalfields City Farm feline resident to do pre-weekend duty.

If ever you need to turn down a marriage proposal like a bad ass, Charlotte Bronte is here to guide you. Also I want to read this book.

Friend and fellow Shakespeare-course-taught-by-a-man-actually-named-William-Shakespeare veteran Amanda gets a h/t for this share. Number 8 gets an enthusiastic clap from me.

All I’m saying is that there are some parallels

This 16 year old’s school project is pretty nifty!

I leave this vital matter in your hands: which of these Victorian words and phrases will we reintroduce first? Cast your votes, minions, this is incredibly important.

My friend Katarina currently works for Colonial Williamsburg while I volunteer at the Franklin House, and a number of 18th century American History themed emails/texts pass between us. Most recently she sent me this magnificent thing which I’ll just leave right here.

The very idea of shopping for a place to live permanently someday terrifies me. This tumblr find of the week, doesn’t help.

Excellent public health news, h/t Annette.

MOAR cute animals, you demand? This gifset made me laugh.

I like the Wall Street Journal’s regular piece Work Wear, detailing what different offices’ work styles are. This week features NPR and it’s a bit odd to put fashion styles to people I mostly know through faceless voices.

Interesting tool! Both Katie and Adam, and Chris and Nikki (couple friends of ours) are moving to San Francisco, one of The Girls just moved to New York City, I moved to London…we’re a mobile bunch these days. But how do cities compare for COLA?

Friday Links (Last Day At LOOK Edition)

“I like the spirit of this great London which I feel around me. Who but a coward would pass his whole life in hamlets; and for ever abandon his faculties to the eating rust of obscurity?”
-Charlotte Brontë

Alas, my (truly excellent) work experience ends today, but it’s been an incredible run. I’ve been very lucky in that it’s been a hectic week and the writers and editors I worked with gave me a lot of assignments and opportunities to help out. I’ve written lots of different kinds of copy and interviewed some really interesting people on some equally interesting pieces. Plus I asked the editor about pitching pieces for her in the future and she told me to go right ahead and stay in regular contact. I’ve been on a high all week.

Now, how can I turn this into a regular job somewhere? Any British weekly publications (which are fun to work on in a completely different way than monthlies, and I’ve found it slightly addictive) need a plucky junior features writer?

While I scheme along those lines, here’s an extra long list of links for you to enjoy this weekend. As always, minions are encouraged to weigh in in the comments and link to other worthy of notice and note. Have a good weekend, and let me know what you’re getting up to!
 photo look_zpsf830d1e7.jpg

Playing this (admittedly charming) game for real.

I unabashedly adored the Little House books as a child, but yikes! I’ve known for years that they walk the blurred, heavily edited line of fiction and nonfiction, but some pretty serious stuff was ruthlessly cut by Wilder’s daughter, who was the driving force in getting the stories written. I confess, I’d love to read the unedited manuscripts and get another POV of pioneer and prairie life.

The science behind clickbait. More interesting than you’d think. (See what I did there?)

Answering the age old question, or at least the one much of the Western press has been asking since Prince George was taken on his first tour and his baby cheeks became a meme.

Worth reading and considering, is irony ruining our culture?

Great and interesting piece on the importance of storytelling and narrative!

I’ve worked on a crowd funding campaign for a freelance client that was a really great and interesting project with a lot of future work planned, but it’s opened my eyes a lot to what that sort of funding can do. This fashion line, for instance, is making some waves and I think it might be an interesting way to open it and other traditionally closed and hard to break into industries in new ways.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that I know a lot of amazingly talented writers. I first met Ellie when our plays were being produced by Theatre Virginia as teenagers, she now works for Marvel comics and just released her second novel via ebook. Go check it out!

Leila, yet another awesome writer friend (of the sci-fi/fantasy variety) posted this useful guide the vernacularly fraught world of “yeah” and associates.

3D printing is a mesmerizing, weird, cool, intimidating (hi, guy who printed a gun), and totally innovative technology, but I think this 3D printing pen might be the most interesting design tool I’ve seen all month.

I’ve decided that being like Baroness Trumpington in my old age would be a worthy goal. I also want to read her new memoir.

The recent lawsuit surrounding AirBnB is sort of strange to me. Thoughts? Everybody I know sings its praises. Thoughts?

I found this art project interesting (and the link the rest of the artist’s work is well worth following).

Though I thought the now-famed Atlantic Piece, The Confidence Gap addressed some good points, I think this response, filled with suggestions, is pretty much spot on.

Emma Stone is my girlcrush of the week for this performance alone. (Confession, she is frequently my girlcrush for lots of reasons, not the least of which because she seems down right hilarious.)

Oh, Idaho. Having lived nearby I can totally see this happening.

Speaking of crushes, I’m personally and politically loving this initiative and PSA against sexual assault. Victim blaming, check. Speaking up when you see something wrong, check. Consent, check.

Friday Links (More Visitors, Edition)

“Stay is a charming word in a friend’s vocabulary.”
― Amos Bronson Alcott

Another big week wrap up, and best of all my friend Lauren is coming into town! Lauren and I met at a summer Young Global Leaders program when we were 15 and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. She’s currently conquering the world of media and is flying to London from Hong Kong for work because fabulous is her middle name. I’ve got lots of food and wandering planned for us. How are you guys spending the weekend? Let me know in the comments and add any links that you think the minion coterie has to know about.

Lauren and I do manage to meet up in some fabulous places. Last one was in Park City, Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival and an obscene amount of celebrities.

Let’s get a new look at some of the world’s old favorites, shall we?

WARNING. Do not read if you’re caught up on Game of Thrones, there are spoilers and I cannot stress that enough. Seriously. Don’t click through if you don’t want secret knowledge you’ll be angry to have. ‘K? Alright. If the modern media reported on “that thing that happened” on GoT.

Gorgeous find. What else is hiding under plaster elsewhere, I wonder?

Twitter friend and entrepreneurial girl crush Bethany of Love Grows Design wrote a really good piece on the fundamentally edited nature of online writing and social media that’s really worth the read. Something to think about both creating and ingesting content.

Behold, the thing that made Jeff burst into the loudest, most hysterical laughter I’ve heard all week. Do make sure the sound is on.

Channeling love for the old Batman TV series, now for the low, low price of $2200.

Huh, does this guy do house calls? Across the Atlantic? I’m pretty chronically sleep deprived these days…

The British Museum recently opened one of the biggest new exhibition in years, Vikings. We haven’t seen it yet (and we’re BM members, the shame!) but I’m enjoying the heck out of the many campaigns and bonuses the museum is running. Here – Viking yourself! (I kid you not, I got “Cadence the Little.”)

Friend and Friend of the Blog Caitlin Kelly writes about her recent experience in Nicaragua, and the lessons learned while working with WaterAid for Rewire Me.


Friday Links (Feeling Pretty Alright, Edition)

“Freelancing…is an on-spec life and it is full of what can only be described as insane serendipity (or serendipitous insanity).”
― Richard Morgan

This week I put to bed phase one of a major freelance project, a separate project has seen some setbacks due to travel and family concerns (theirs, not mine) but still progress, and life at the museum has gotten crazy as the Easter holiday descends and tourist season begins in earnest. I’m still recovering from my hedonistic lost weekend with Caitlin, but I also got to have a gorgeous tea with a longtime online friend who happened to be in London, meet up with Andrea from This New View to talk freelance writing, and had another spectacularly productive coworking day with Alanna.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this consistently scheduled in my life as I’ve been since the start of 2014. Sure I’ve had busy work, and stressful periods at my old office, but there is a massive difference between being busy and getting things done, I’ve discovered. And in spite of occasional sleep deprivation, or periods of crunch time, I don’t think I’ve every been this professionally content either. Life is simply very good.

Also, you may have noticed, there’s been a few changes in the Small Dog vicinity. Once again, I’ve learned new skills and am practicing away (heck, I’m even learning about branded images up in here, thanks to Alanna!). Let me know what you think and please do give me your feedback.

Here are your links, tell me what you’re up to this weekend, ducklings.
 photo photo1_zps327c88f4.jpg

A bit stretched, but vastly contented, kittens.

Privilege and perspective.

Interesting news in publishing summed up on the always brilliant brain pickings.

5 a day? Ha! Up your expectations and health plans accordingly.

Excellent! I am 100% done about people complaining about leggings (also known as the most comfy things ever invented that you will pull from my cold, dead hands, society). Oh! That would make an excellent Incendiary post! Quick minions, to the comments, and let’s have a vigorous debate on the merits of alternative types of leg wear!

I once was able to hear YA author Shannon Hale speak about rejection, she brought a scroll of every single one of her rejection letters, laminated together in a way that stretched across a conference room. Perspective.

You wanted to read an article about the art and history of tapestries, especially as relates to media culture, right? I knew it!

These bracelets are amazing, and I need them desperately to make these beauties in my postcode already!

As an accidental minimalist myself, I find these homes fascinating.

How charming are these photos! From a nature photographer with a touch for the miniature.

Henry VIII was a complete jerk, this is historically well established. His marital troubles reshaped Europe, led to the Civil War, heightened religious mania and persecution and resulted in an astonishing amount of historical fiction on the subject – some good, some bad. But how long was he actually married to each of the women in his life? Twitter to the rescue!

New project, visit and read in all of these spaces?

We’ve been trying to sort out what makes human beings substantially different from other animal species for centuries now, but one of the most interesting theories (debunked, by the way) was that it was primarily based on our capacity for language. Not only has that been disproved but some research is suggesting that not only do many animal species communicate, they do so with self-awareness. Some even seem to have names and the ability to identify and talk about themselves! 

Presented without further commentary, the headline of the week: These Backpacks For Cows Collect Their Fart Gas And Store It For Energy.

As if we ever really needed an excuse to look at a retrospective of gorgeous ball gowns.