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It’s the last really logistically logical shopping weekend before Christmas so excuse us while we dash to run the necessary errands, kittens. The world is still wacky. I suggest watching The Muppet Christmas Carol to help.

I’m amazed and the sheer amount of people who are perpetuating this dangerous bullshit. I am also angered by the Venn Diagram overlapping of people doing so who have been spouting off about “states’ rights,” the “rule of law,” and any number of other now-clearly-revealed-to-be-dog-whistle positions over the course of my lifetime. It’s only about power. And those who only love a system because it retains their power, will be the first to work to overthrow it if they perceive it’s no longer doing so:

Alas, not aliens.

Let’s all hope we only get one year of the Quarries, but as far as pop culture goes, they are spot on.

Shock. Surprise.

You make the call: Here Comes the Sun, or The Yellow Wallpaper?


Reader, I CACKLED. “The judges felt that the public had been subjected to too many bad things this year to justify exposing it to bad sex as well. They warned, however, that the cancellation of the 2020 awards should not be taken as a licence to write bad sex.”

If Small Dog Nation loves anything, it’s an archaeology discovery.

My most consistent of hot takes is that in order to understand modern society, one needs to understand internet culture. How memes took over politics, how forums and subcultures develop into offline dittos, and now, how shitposting should be considered with much more seriousness than heretofore. It’s the artform of a particular kind of nihilism:

Taylor Swift gave us a whole second album before the actual government managed to do anything remotely resembling a second wave of COVID “relief.”

This is a niche story but Jeff had to explain it to me twice because it sounded so dumb to me. You’re going to express “concerns” about a person’s religious and ethnic background in a job situation…towards a Mormon, Polynesian man in Utah? The dominant faith of the region and, that rare thing in America, a truly beloved minority community? Are you just begging to lose your job, ma’am?

I’m trying to try and put together a post on this tweet by itself but let’s just say I think we’re well past numb.

Let’s on a nice note, eh? NPR has released its 2020 Book Concierge list, go forth and add to your Goodreads profile!

Weekend Links

Kittens, I’m in a rut. Nothing serious, no need to fret, but from time to time the 2020-ness of it all gets to me and the past week and a half has been one of those stretches. I’ll return to finer form shortly, but in the meantime, have some reading material!

Someone call Kubrick. (Don’t worry, it got weirder. Or more profound, depending on your POV.)

Trump’s presidency has been a four-year war on many people’s assumptions about what was and wasn’t “American”—what a leader can call people in public, which institutions really matter, whether power lies with elites or masses. And it has forced serious arguments about what information, and what version of our history, we can even agree on.”

Oh wow, what a find!

The universe is vast and overwhelming and beautiful when we are able to glimpse it.

Fiction is a mirror and I found this piece really thought provoking about how 2020 is going to impact literature for a long time to come.

The first sentence in this piece in the New Statesman is a punch to the jaw and it doesn’t get much easier to read after that. I’m running out of countries to move to.

Jeff 100% does this and I’m delighted to have a scientific term for it!

Oh hey, Carly Sleigh Jensen gave us a video for the most accurate Christmas sentiment song of 2020.

Weekend Links

Let’s get straight to it! No, we aren’t talking about legal shenanigans today, it’s all just so incalculably stupid and depressing. It’s American Thanksgiving this week, and we plan on celebrating with Indian takeaway and wine in our own home without fear of becoming infected or being a vector of infection. We strongly encourage you to do the same.

Medieval history to kick us off, shall we?

Things that feel like feminism, but aren’t. Or are they?

Speaking of aristocracy, call me nuts but I hope these two crazy kids make it.

So the transition is going well

Treasure is a very specific legal term here in the UK (and continuing in our theme thus far, the privilege of the Crown). In the US, things are a bit more complicated

Social media as a profession is just as perilous as it can be for individuals.

Of course Mercer is behind Parler. Of course she is.

OF COURSE they are going out as they came in. OF COURSE.

And on the other side of the coin, of course this Iconic Queen continues to be a force for good in the world.

On the one hand, they are so bad at this. On the other hand, it’s clearly only incompetence that keeps our society safe and I, for one, would prefer a more secure safety net.

Apparently His Holiness hired an ex-Ted Cruz staffer…(/sarcasm)

Yes, the holidays are going to suck this year. Stay home anyway.

The moral and emotional mathematics is just too costly to do otherwise.

Weekend Links

As Helena Fitzgerald put it in her latest newsletter, “If nothing else, 2020 has certainly made it clear that to live through history is mainly a curse. Nobody wants to live in interesting times.”

For many of the president’s followers, the past four years have been one long, quasi-religious exercise in suspending disbelief. To adhere to the Church of Trumpism was to reject anything that might challenge its orthodoxies. The news was fake. The polls were fake. The investigations and scandals and fact-checks were fake. It only stood to reason that if Trump lost his bid for reelection, the defeat would be fake as well.”

For further reading, “This is not what you thought winning would look like,” he said. “But trust me.” It’s a cult.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. (On the same theme…)

And on the same theme for his favorite platforms…

That being said, how fitting that it was with a whimper and not a bang.

Oh no!

I never grow sick of these stories. I mean, they’re awful, but I can’t stop looking at the sheer chaotic energy.

Other countries have socials safety nets. The US has women.” I felt this in my BONES.

Unexpected Douglas Adams. (Don’t let my snark fool you, read the story!)

Too fucking late, my dude.

Cool glass ceiling to crack, my lady.

Of course there is no plan, only vague media ambitions (my bet is still on a media company attempt, though I’m not willing to bet on a successful one…) and the continuing grift of announcing hilariously pathetic lawsuits as an excuse to ask for money from their supporters multiple times a day.

It’s fascinating – FASCINATING – to see everyone in government, media, global politics and so on just sort of slide their attention away from Donald Trump this past week. Of course, he’s apparently lying low for once which is certainly helping, but the discipline the Biden team is showing by simply not validating (or even acknowledging) the Trump team antics is telling. It’s the equivalent of an adult not giving the screaming toddler attention…and it’s working. Which is all the more damning for the way so many institutions have handled the Trump years, especially after every good faith effort to engage with him as though he were a normal president, abiding by and upholding the expectations of his office. He isn’t, and he never was.

Never have I been so delighted to have my cynicism go unfulfilled

Spiking the postal service, sowing distrust, decades of gerrymandering, lawsuits to close and reducing polling locations, AND a global pandemic and this election broke participation records.

This doesn’t unmake damage, and it’s no substitute for the systemic work that needs to happen to live up to the promise of our national mythos. I’m still afraid of possible anger or disappointment turning to violence, I’m still not hopeful that the gridlock strategy won’t rear it’s horrible head again, I’m still convinced that the conservative pivot to “the debt ceiling” or whatever is going to give us all whiplash, and I’m certain that the incumbent administration can do a lot of damage on their way out. Hell, I’m not sure Don Jr. won’t announce his candidacy next week or something moronic.

I’m most afraid that a lot of (white, comfortable, middle class) people are going to think “Job done,” dust their hands, and go back to being complacent. Women’s marches, BLM marches, indigenous peoples marches, the active role in promoting not just petty fandoms but the democratic process…that needs to keep happening. We need people of all stripes to push for the world we want.

The thing about democracy is that you have to keep doing it.

But just for this weekend, in this incredibly exhausting and bonkers year, I’m just going to enjoy the many reminders that activism and civic engagement work.

Weekend Links – Mentally it’s Still Tuesday to Me. In April.

I have to say, the media is doing a better job this time around of not jumping to be the first to call the results and insisting on vote tallying.

I also have to say, for anyone declaring that “This is not who America is,” in response to any of the bullshit of the last four years…have you learned nothing? This is, in fact, who we are. It’s who half of our voters are. If you aren’t all in on the cruelty, the norm breaking, the manipulation of legal privileges for profit and gain, the attempted/successful coopting of members of government for private gain, the cozying up to enemies, breaking of faith with our allies, the breaking of our treaties–and that’s to say nothing of the petty, vindictive toxicity of behavior including sexism and accusations of assault, racism and coddling of actual Nazis, and the slow, grim slide into stupid fascist

You might not be all in on any of the above…but none of it was a deal breaker. For half of Americans. #MeToo, #BLM, indigenous peoples’ protests, the Womens’ March…all of this is happening for a reason.

And to anyone who thinks fascism-lite is acceptable because it’s happening on “their side” forgets that sooner or later, everyone ends up on the enemies list. Everyone.

Whew. Okay, some links that have little or NOTHING to do with the election. Britain is in Lockdown 2.0

Bond out. RIP.

A piece that simply must be read, not explained.

Poland has been rocked by almost constant protests for months now, and I’m amazed at how little attention it gets. It’s a major front in the western culture wars, including horrible LGBT crackdowns and now additional restrictions on abortions. I salute those in the streets.

What a time to be alive.

Let’s have one more nod to Halloween, shall we?

I mentioned this in my Sunday post, but that sensation that time is a flat circle? No, you’re not imagining it, and we have no idea what the long term effects are going to be. Normally things that mark the passage of time like holidays, weekends, birthdays, regular appointments, or even just scheduled dates with friends or family help you feel that life is being lived. You’re moving forward in someway. Absent that, we’re all kind of just…existing.

It’s not an accident that, every cycle, the boogeyman of the Democrats is a woman,” says Ocasio-Cortez. “A couple of cycles ago, it was Pelosi. Then it was Hillary, and now it’s me.”

On the flip side, it’s hilarious watching the male establishment fail to land a knockout punch on this woman. All of the usual tricks aren’t working. Long may she endure and rise above their bullshit.

Does anyone else get shades of Douglas Adams here?

Nope, I don’t remember fun.

Oh, I bet they are.

White suburban women turned out for Trump in greater numbers than 2016 (ugh). I know this is not incidental because they are both superconsumers and spreaders of very specific disinformation.

Homelessness in a modern society is a choice–and not for the homeless. We have the money, we have the rooms and the land, we just lack the collective will.

I mean, our pop queen isn’t wrong…

November Moodboard

We’re down to the penultimate month of the weirdest year of my lifetime, and it’s gonna be a doozy.

Boris Johnson (finally) announced what we all knew was coming: Lockdown the Second is coming. COVID stats are now exceeding the “peak” in many metrics and once again a lot of powerful people are having to mumble miserably about this lasting longer than is politically convenient for them.

Meanwhile: America. Perhaps my cynicism is just out of control at this point, but anyone who thinks this week is going to bring some sort of resolution is delusional. If Trump wins, we get four more years of the corruption and ignorance that’s making all our societal problems worse. If Biden wins, he’s entering office in a hostile environment during a crisis.

Trump and his ilk aren’t just going to go quietly into that goodnight. He’s in office until January (and going to receive security briefings for the rest of his life, please remember) and since attention is his currency, he’ll continue to wreck havoc on Twitter and whatever his next grift is. My bet is a media company. And that’s before the actual militarized radicals and QAnons react which could span so many outcomes (and so many of them bad) that it makes my head spin.

Either way, if you’re thinking of Election Day or December 2nd (the end of British lockdown 2.0) as some kind of deadline…don’t. I know we’re all desperate to mark the passing of time, to reintroduce some sense of seasonailty to give us closure to various moments, and its exhausting that time has become a flat circle. But things are not going to be magically fixed, vanished, somehow put back “the way it was” if that’s something you want, or somehow magically institute your preferred ideal future. We need to keep going.

SO. This November, do what keeps you healthy and comforted. We’re streamlining the things that need to be done so that you can accomplish what you need while preserving your energy. If you’re still at home, make it as pleasant a place to be as possible. That food, makeup, wine, clothes, gift certificate, or whatever that you’ve been saving for a special occasion? This is it, pumpkins. Eat it, slap it on, gift yourself or someone else responsibly.

In closing:

Weekend Links – Buckle Up

Stay prayed up, kittens. Next week is going to be trippy in the extreme. Wear a mask. Look after other people as well as yourself and your own. Accept that life is tough right now and maybe doing the right thing is inconvenient, but do it anyway. Don’t confuse discomfort for oppression. Don’t give into bad faith attempts to draw you into conflict. Don’t argue or debate with people who aren’t actually concerned with hearing your POV and giving it a measure of respect. Save your energy. Wash your hands.

Deep breath.

And how I’m looking forward to it.

Friend of the Blog Caitlin’s latest piece on Americans choosing to move or live abroad in this day and age. Topical.

Amazing that such a historically documented (and still important in pop culture) event still has some secrets!

Why you may not “get” all the Hunter Biden “news”: you’re not supposed to unless you already live in the very specific media world it’s intended to appeal to. And as we have seen with QAnon and others, they will do the work of constructing the narrative they want for one another.

Alexa, show me irony.

Because this is the world we live in now.

Which is why actual journalism, with standards and verification credentials is more important than ever. It’s quite literally what separates it from tabloid gossip and propaganda.

Honestly, I’m living for the Duke of Sussex’s ability to speak personally and openly on difficult topics. I imagine it’s freeing. But I also appreciate his ability to apply nuance to his public statements, not least of all because he’s very open about how insular and unusual his perspectives are.

This news had Jeff riveted (he’s a Jazz man).

Dwight Schrute was a warning.

Finally, I have been obsessed with following this saga and there is a new chapter. First your refresher on the nuttery of Omegaverse, various copyrights related thereto, litigious authors…and a misfire!

And now, the exciting conclusion. Hopefully?

Weekend Links – Don’t Panic

Ducklings, how are we all doing? I ask because we’re moving into month eight of some version of social restrictions here in the UK and staring down the barrel of an increasingly grim winter season as infections continue to rise. The States…well, I’m glad I live where I do. But yeah, 2020 continues to be A Lot.

I’m personally coming off two back to back weeks of significant work projects which were very satisfying to complete but rather stressful to get over the line. Not a small portion of my job involves media monitoring, prep, and response which – again, in 2020 – is not conducive to remaining calm or thoughtful.

And so, a casual reminder that it’s okay to not have all your shit together or an answer to the huge amount of complex issues we face as individuals and collectives. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by work, isolation, family, boredom, economic anxiety, existential threats, and common everyday irritations. These are not normal times, it’s okay to have weird reactions or coping mechanisms.

Just remember that these times are not going away soon. It’s comforting to look at set deadlines like elections or year ends as some sort of arbitrary goal to be reached after which Things Will Be Different, but I’m convinced that’s a mistake. We need to be able to think about hard things and times in the long term, so we can build the resilience we need to navigate it. If you are lucky enough to have the time or money, donate to causes you care about and make a plan to stay involved in issues long after the media spotlight turns away from them. Stay engaged and informed in difficult topics. Stay prayed up, as the kids say.

And look out for everyone else trying to do the same

PS – If you’re American, VOTE GOD DAMN IT. Just don’t mistake November 3rd for some kind of endgame, regardless of the outcome. Our problems didn’t begin in 2016, and they’re not going to end in 2020.

Let them love!

While we’re in this mental space


Hoo boy, this is a news story to watch for a lot of reasons.

What a dumb timeline this is.

IT’S. A. CULT. (…a super weird cult…)

The disinformation storm we live in frightens me. It frightens me more how many people I know believe actual conspiracy theories.

And while we’re being grim, it’s not going to get better if Mr. Trump loses. Do you think he’s just going to fade away? That his Twitter feed will go dark? That his scions won’t position themselves in the media or political landscape for the next election cycle? And as for the most cultish of his advocate, do you think they’re just going to vanish into the night? As much as I hope Trump loses, I don’t mistake that for actually fixing so many of the things that got him elected and allowed people to build an actual god damned mythology around him in the first place.

This is BIG religious news.

I cannot imagine the strength and grace that allowed him to arrive at this position.

MY BODY IS READY. (My wallet is not…)

How pleasing is this story of that rare thing: a perfectly harmless hobby!

So it’s worse than we thought. Great.

This whole news story is a trip. But it’s also also the stupidest thing imaginable. (ETA: IT GOT WORSE.)

RIP, you ridiculous, doomed idea.

If you’ve seen #endSARS trending and had to catch up on the topic, Marie Claire has a good piece for you.

Someday in the foreseeable future presidential debates will take place on Twitch and there will be nary an old white dude in sight. I’m looking forward to it. Unironically.

It’s the end of an era.

Natalie is here to deliver a lecture – on why Twitter isn’t real life, why “both sides are bad” discourse isn’t just unhelpful it’s not even correct, why we are not anywhere near socialism and everyone can calm down about that, why we need allies whether your goal is incremental change or violent uprising, and imperfect allies are all we’ve got. The hard right has a plan, and the hard left has a pipe dream. Vote accordingly.

Weekend Links

I did not watch the Coney Barrett hearings this week, and I only read recaps of the town halls. We sent off our ballots for early voting (I complain a lot about Utah but they have a great election system with copious public information resources for voters, and a robust and trusted system for remote and mail in voting).

Just over two weeks to go.

Admittedly I was a hormonal mess this week, but this kind agony aunt letter made me feel better about weight that I’ve put on during quarantine.

Bow, peasants!

My semi annual reminder as to why any wealth I accumulate will go to cystic fibrosis research and public broadcasting on my death.

Toxic masculinity kills men.

We stan this chonky king!

What the fuck?!

The world is not getting safer for LGBT people, which is why activists are scared and things like lifetime appointments to positions of power matter. Theocratic based rule or ideology is on the rise in secular countries and it’s frightening.

Here, let’s balance out some bad news with some queer love history.

At least he’s consistent at being The Worst. (His daughter agrees.)

It’s a cult.

Here’s hoping because another four years of this will exhaust us all.

A palate cleanser!

A telling sentence in this piece about alt-right darling Lauren Southern could easily be applied to almost any woman who achieves prominence in the manosphere (or any hyper conservative, gender traditionalist, or fascist movement): “While the alt-right’s men were forever putting Southern in her place, they simultaneously venerated her as a goddess.” It’s not inherently feminist to succeed as woman within a patriarchal system, especially if you intend to use your power to uphold that system (cough Amy Coney Barret cough!). And patriarchy may like female spokespeople, but by its nature, it is antithetical to actual feminine power.