Weekend Links

Kittens, this has not been the best week. My depression and anxiety has been riding me hard and it all sort of came to a head in a migraine attack – something I’ve not had for months now. It’s been so long since I had one actually that I forgot what a grim, full body experience they are when they hit. I spent a day retching on a empty stomach every time there was a noise louder than birdsong or any change to the lighting…fun.

As it happens, I hadn’t taken a day off since Christmas and I have a great boss who scolded me for this and insisted I take my allotted holidays so I’ve got a few days off throughout the rest of the month here and there. I’m putting the finishing touches on this post in the afternoon, still a bit shaky and slow moving but trying valiantly to get some Vitamin D from the spring sun.

Hoping you’re safe and thriving as best you can, kittens. I sure appreciate this weird corner of the internet with you.

More men in boas, please and thank you.

Oh look. A bad faith law to solve a “problem” that doesn’t actually exist. Literally, when pressed to name individuals who had been affected by the “problem” the legislators were unable to, but still this bullshit passed.

Source: https://thenib.com/author/matt-lubchansky/

Because really, how scary could a bunch of angry white men actually be, right? /s

Starting to think Facebook might be a bit problematic, fam…

Let’s just try it already, huh?!

We’ve built a society that doesn’t allow us to manage all the expectations and demands it requires.

Let’s just TRY STUFF.

Pop Culture Pandemic Prophets on the last year and the look ahead.

In Small Dog Nation, we stan and love Yo-Yo Ma forever.

I’ve always loved these kinds of portraits and find them uniquely beautiful. Even though ancient, there are aspects of human depiction that get lost for centuries afterwards again.

If there is one thing I know, it’s that conservative religious institutions will not catch up to human rights and legal protections until they have exhausted every other option and burned a lot of the goodwill they rely on along the way. No institution will change until it’s faced with the prospect of its own irrelevance. But the human pain in the meantime…whew…

This guy is having a real Bugs Bunny getting lost by way of Albuquerque moment.

Christ, what an ugly, ugly crime with all the horrible trademarks: misogyny, racism, toxic masculinity. None of it is new, but all of it is hideous.

Asian Americans speaking on the racism they experience.

The only things weirder than what conspiracy theorists believe, is often what they reject.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been so ill. Why must we work ourselves, or let the stress build up that is, until our bodies force us to stop. I think it would be hard to work in a field that requires you to consume all the news all the time, I seriously have to take days where I just don’t look or it’s too much. Please do take the time to rest and de-stress and heal up.
    At my work we aren’t permitted to take holidays between December and April (and you know how crazy the overtime gets), I’ve recently had a doctor’s note to give me some time off because my mental and physical health have suffered.

    1. Oh man, sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough time too, but glad you’ve got some medical backup. I know what you mean by needing days where you just check out…I’m not always proud of how that looks for me but I’ve found myself avoiding emails, social media and probably some positive connections just because I feel so burned out and done by the end of the day. Long covid is real…my ability to focus and concentrate seems to be shot since the beginning of the year and I’m tired all the time.

      The sheer mental load is wild…

      1. Yeah, I understand what you mean about what ‘checking out’ looks like for you as it’s similar for me. Plus you’ve had Covid after-effects for months now which just does not help at all. I really hope you feel better soon.

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