Weekend Links

Kittens, another weekend is upon us! I’m just diving into the links because honestly, my only priority is getting outside in actual sunlight while we’ve got some. Dive in and let’s catch up in the comments.


Needing to rethink what carbon output actually means and looks like in the 21st century. Fast.

Here’s the thing: white supremacy, misogyny, racism, toxic masculinity, female fetishization, sexual purity obsession….all of these things overlap in specific structural ways. If you insist on a hierarchical culture, usually binary in nature – male v. female, white v. everyone else, virgin v. whore – this is what you get. The violence become inevitable because the structure is antagonistic by nature and design because it’s a contention for dominance and winner takes all.

Give this dad all the kudos.

Say yes to brooches.

FUCK this garbage ruling.

Everything about the aftermath of That Interview has been amazing to watch. The Royal children writing Mothers Day messages to “Granny Diana” when they have never invoked her before, Prince William giving a frankly bad interview saying that the Royal family isn’t racist (thereby repeating the negative talking point in a way that makes every PR person headdesk), to this…starting to suspect the Sussexes may have had several points, team!

Sooner or later the UK is going to have to wrestle with this: what the hell is the purpose or value of hereditary rank anymore? The Sussexs are viewed by detractors as disloyal to a system that, frankly, doesn’t really have a role or place for them. They’ve opted out of an actual feudal system, and I think eventually the rest of the UK will have to do the same…but no one wants to be the one who torches a thousand years of family and cultural tradition, much less remake the entirety of the state.

Gorgeous shots of what I presume is the starting notes of Ragnarok?

This is clearly about a single profession, but I feel like there’s something deeper here in this distinction between burnout and demoralization. I may have to rethink my categories.

Do you know where your towel is?

Policy damages require policy solutions. I don’t think this is anywhere near enough, but I don’t know how anything solves four centuries of systemic constraint and limitation.

Wow this seems like a terrible idea!

This is one hell of a defense…and also another insight into what this brand of charlatan and their ilk actually think of their audience.

Genuinely amazing: Baltimore is putting a pause on prosecuting certain crimes because the unintentional social experiment we’ve all be living through over the last year has produced some interesting data points we are going to have to consider. For some of us, that may mean flexible working works. For Baltimore, it’s that prosecuting these crimes doesn’t seem to make any difference to overall public safety. Hm. It’s almost as if our law enforcement and policing systems are incorrectly focused and resourced. Huh.

RIP to a icon of literally everyone I know’s childhood.

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