Weekend Links

Kittens, I’m in a rut. Nothing serious, no need to fret, but from time to time the 2020-ness of it all gets to me and the past week and a half has been one of those stretches. I’ll return to finer form shortly, but in the meantime, have some reading material!

Someone call Kubrick. (Don’t worry, it got weirder. Or more profound, depending on your POV.)

Trump’s presidency has been a four-year war on many people’s assumptions about what was and wasn’t “American”—what a leader can call people in public, which institutions really matter, whether power lies with elites or masses. And it has forced serious arguments about what information, and what version of our history, we can even agree on.”

Oh wow, what a find!

The universe is vast and overwhelming and beautiful when we are able to glimpse it.

Fiction is a mirror and I found this piece really thought provoking about how 2020 is going to impact literature for a long time to come.

The first sentence in this piece in the New Statesman is a punch to the jaw and it doesn’t get much easier to read after that. I’m running out of countries to move to.

Jeff 100% does this and I’m delighted to have a scientific term for it!

Oh hey, Carly Sleigh Jensen gave us a video for the most accurate Christmas sentiment song of 2020.

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. Omg, revenge bedtime procrastination totally describes me! I’ve been working 10-hour days the past few weeks and I’m tired out by the time I crawl into bed, so I really should stop doomscrolling at the end of the day… I’m trying to read more and develop healthier screen habits!

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