Weekend Links

Let’s get straight to it! No, we aren’t talking about legal shenanigans today, it’s all just so incalculably stupid and depressing. It’s American Thanksgiving this week, and we plan on celebrating with Indian takeaway and wine in our own home without fear of becoming infected or being a vector of infection. We strongly encourage you to do the same.

Medieval history to kick us off, shall we?

Things that feel like feminism, but aren’t. Or are they?

Speaking of aristocracy, call me nuts but I hope these two crazy kids make it.

So the transition is going well

Treasure is a very specific legal term here in the UK (and continuing in our theme thus far, the privilege of the Crown). In the US, things are a bit more complicated

Social media as a profession is just as perilous as it can be for individuals.

Of course Mercer is behind Parler. Of course she is.

OF COURSE they are going out as they came in. OF COURSE.

And on the other side of the coin, of course this Iconic Queen continues to be a force for good in the world.

On the one hand, they are so bad at this. On the other hand, it’s clearly only incompetence that keeps our society safe and I, for one, would prefer a more secure safety net.

Apparently His Holiness hired an ex-Ted Cruz staffer…(/sarcasm)

Yes, the holidays are going to suck this year. Stay home anyway.

The moral and emotional mathematics is just too costly to do otherwise.

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