Weekend Links

It’s the last really logistically logical shopping weekend before Christmas so excuse us while we dash to run the necessary errands, kittens. The world is still wacky. I suggest watching The Muppet Christmas Carol to help.

I’m amazed and the sheer amount of people who are perpetuating this dangerous bullshit. I am also angered by the Venn Diagram overlapping of people doing so who have been spouting off about “states’ rights,” the “rule of law,” and any number of other now-clearly-revealed-to-be-dog-whistle positions over the course of my lifetime. It’s only about power. And those who only love a system because it retains their power, will be the first to work to overthrow it if they perceive it’s no longer doing so:

Alas, not aliens.

Let’s all hope we only get one year of the Quarries, but as far as pop culture goes, they are spot on.

Shock. Surprise.

You make the call: Here Comes the Sun, or The Yellow Wallpaper?


Reader, I CACKLED. “The judges felt that the public had been subjected to too many bad things this year to justify exposing it to bad sex as well. They warned, however, that the cancellation of the 2020 awards should not be taken as a licence to write bad sex.”

If Small Dog Nation loves anything, it’s an archaeology discovery.

My most consistent of hot takes is that in order to understand modern society, one needs to understand internet culture. How memes took over politics, how forums and subcultures develop into offline dittos, and now, how shitposting should be considered with much more seriousness than heretofore. It’s the artform of a particular kind of nihilism:

Taylor Swift gave us a whole second album before the actual government managed to do anything remotely resembling a second wave of COVID “relief.”

This is a niche story but Jeff had to explain it to me twice because it sounded so dumb to me. You’re going to express “concerns” about a person’s religious and ethnic background in a job situation…towards a Mormon, Polynesian man in Utah? The dominant faith of the region and, that rare thing in America, a truly beloved minority community? Are you just begging to lose your job, ma’am?

I’m trying to try and put together a post on this tweet by itself but let’s just say I think we’re well past numb.

Let’s on a nice note, eh? NPR has released its 2020 Book Concierge list, go forth and add to your Goodreads profile!

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