Weekend Links

As Helena Fitzgerald put it in her latest newsletter, “If nothing else, 2020 has certainly made it clear that to live through history is mainly a curse. Nobody wants to live in interesting times.”

For many of the president’s followers, the past four years have been one long, quasi-religious exercise in suspending disbelief. To adhere to the Church of Trumpism was to reject anything that might challenge its orthodoxies. The news was fake. The polls were fake. The investigations and scandals and fact-checks were fake. It only stood to reason that if Trump lost his bid for reelection, the defeat would be fake as well.”

For further reading, “This is not what you thought winning would look like,” he said. “But trust me.” It’s a cult.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. (On the same theme…)

And on the same theme for his favorite platforms…

That being said, how fitting that it was with a whimper and not a bang.

Oh no!

I never grow sick of these stories. I mean, they’re awful, but I can’t stop looking at the sheer chaotic energy.

Other countries have socials safety nets. The US has women.” I felt this in my BONES.

Unexpected Douglas Adams. (Don’t let my snark fool you, read the story!)

Too fucking late, my dude.

Cool glass ceiling to crack, my lady.

Of course there is no plan, only vague media ambitions (my bet is still on a media company attempt, though I’m not willing to bet on a successful one…) and the continuing grift of announcing hilariously pathetic lawsuits as an excuse to ask for money from their supporters multiple times a day.

It’s fascinating – FASCINATING – to see everyone in government, media, global politics and so on just sort of slide their attention away from Donald Trump this past week. Of course, he’s apparently lying low for once which is certainly helping, but the discipline the Biden team is showing by simply not validating (or even acknowledging) the Trump team antics is telling. It’s the equivalent of an adult not giving the screaming toddler attention…and it’s working. Which is all the more damning for the way so many institutions have handled the Trump years, especially after every good faith effort to engage with him as though he were a normal president, abiding by and upholding the expectations of his office. He isn’t, and he never was.

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