Sunday Check In

Somehow, we’re halfway through May, which means it’s almost June which basically means we’re practically halfway through this wacky year. I’m simultaneously freaked out, glad, disheartened, grateful, and grumpy all at the same time about this fact. It’s such a confusing time and I spend a lot of time flitting from one inappropriate reaction to the next. Hey ho, onwards.

After last weekend’s internet outage and another surprisingly frantic week at work, this weekend we have been about settling a bit. Being at home has made us focus on home in a way that, er…living in this apartment for nearly a year hadn’t yet… We ordered a basic Ikea shelving unit to help improve our storage and I picked up yet more houseplants. Oops. But the fact is that I’m really loving the way our living room – where I’m spending the vast majority of my time – is coming together. In spite of our last apartment being by far our nicest (we’re missing that terrace right now, I can tell you), this one is shaping up to feel the most homelike of any of the four we’ve lived in thus far. I’m hoping we can stay here for a long time, it just works for us.

Is anyone else experiencing this feeling about their home or space right now, or are you just sick of it and bursting to break out?

One thought on “Sunday Check In”

  1. That terrace…sigh.

    We are repainting hallway/living room — so even after decades in the same apartment — it feels new again. It’s now a pale gray and we’ve ordered a new charcoal velvet sofa and will likely order a new blind. NEW room, please!

    So we’re happy here but also were ready for a major refresh; the last one was 2017, the bedroom. We’re spending some serious coin but have no plans to leave for a few years, so seems smart.

    Glad the new flat is working out!

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