Weekend Links

Two links post in a single week, my doves, you’re either really lucky or we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that forbids us from leaving our houses. How are you keeping this weekend, beloveds?

Why yes, Small Dog Nation WOULD like a bunch of highly bespoke curated collections, thanks.

Another bit of SDN catnip, an antiquities mystery!

Anyone else follow the Alison Roman situation? One of the unexpected skills I’ve developed whilst being Extremely Online, is the uncanny ability to spot a cancellation coming. A few weeks ago, I was suddenly finding Alison Roman content everywhere, the algorithim was feeding it to (props to her PR team, without irony)…meaning it would not be long. Lo and behold, she said something super dumb and the internet piled on to rage at her in the time honored tradition of hating women – mixed with the problem of women putting down other women to tell their own stories. Nothing new to see here, kids, and yet Kristin Wong from The Financial Diet wrote something pretty dang smart about the whole Twitter tempest.

I’m still in mourning for a bygone time.

So what I’m hearing is that we could always have set up our fiscal and social policies differently to benefit workers more, but chose not to. Cool cool cool. Tax the rich next.

Bless their hearts.

Well, this is horrifying.

The disaster has become so dire so quickly owing, in part, to the legacy of the 2008 financial crisis. Minimum wage, in real terms, is more than thirty per cent lower than it was fifty years ago. (Since the nineteen-eighties, most of the benefits of America’s growing economy have gone to the wealthy.) Meanwhile, housing costs have more than doubled since 2000. “When people say they live paycheck to paycheck, it’s not that they’re managing their money poorly,” Sharon Parrott, a senior vice-president at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, told me. “Instead, their housing costs are taking up a disproportionate share of their incomes.” The result is a slim margin of error: forty per cent of Americans don’t have four hundred dollars cash to spare in an emergency, and would need to rely on credit cards or friends and family to come up with the money.”


We all remember Stanley Tucci being daddy and making cocktails for us, yes? Well, daddy came through with food.

Another Friday night, another Inspector General fired.

Gender equity in the workplace requires gender equity in the home. (Side note, I’ve have low key enjoyed the male commentary about being quarantined at home with children and how difficult it is to provide childcare and work at the same time. YEAH, MY DUDES. EXACTLY.)

Lockdown is horrible, but I am loving and eternally grateful for the cultural heritage industries in particular who are finding ways to bring us plays, operas, ballets, museums, and now art lectures in dark times.

I still hate the Space Force. Super Duper.

An ITG Top Shelfie for the ages.



3 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. LOVED those roll-neck sweaters — and gave Jose two, green and blue. AND still wearing my red J Crew anorak from….2000. It’s a perfect garment; lined w fleece, hooded, kangaroo pocket and windproof. Bright red. SOB.

    We are repainting — F & B Skimming Stone. That’s our week…

    Have a great weekend.

      1. So glad we nabbed two of them!

        Am also ordering ALL the swatches from all the fabric sites — planning to have a Roman blind made (replacing striped curtains) — and may even get a new sofa (on sale.) We have been luckier with work this year (so far.)

        If you want to see my favorite site, check it out…


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