Midweek Links

You know what’s a first world problem? Your internet and broadband dying the Friday morning of a Bank Holiday weekend when you’re not supposed to go outside. It was fun. Not stressful in the slightest.

But we’re back and we’re connected and we’re overdue with some links so let’s hop to it, kittens! Mama’s missed you.

Let’s learn about monkeys.

Interesting read on the idea and power of “home.”

Oh J. Crew…I’m heartbroken for all my past love, but not surprised.

Will llamas save us all?

Seems natural

Brand matters!

A bit of science reporting to help explain the genetics of COVID-19 and how it can be traced. (I also recommend an old episode of Radio Lab about the evolution of HIV, but which explains how viruses make the jump from animals to humans in high detail but accessible narrative).

A damning/hilarious/chilling indictment.

It’s probably the epitome of tempting the fates, but is this peak 2020?

Cool. Cool cool cool...

The lipstick effect is real, and it is powerful!

For a bunch of personal and professional reasons (expat coupled with work coupled with an international family), I’m following the aviation industry news with a lot of mixed emotions right now.

The UK is such a strange place to be right now. Furlough has been extended until October, but what that means and how we’ll do it, and the implications of how we may possible inadvertently completely change the social safety net forever are still being worked through. Let’s see what happens and hope we don’t die, shrug emoji?

I have watched this 17 times:

3 thoughts on “Midweek Links”

    1. I know it’s the epitome of insufferable privilege, but it sucked. Very grateful to have it back, for both work and comfort.

      Actually cringing in horror at that link!

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