Sunday Check In

Happy weekend, kittens. I type this to you from the beginnings of an urban jungle as my indoor garden of plants grew yesterday. We live in a boom time for plants, and if I’m lucky I won’t kill these…pray for my brave chlorophyll children!

It’s not hard to see how quarantine has focused us on our home space, but it’s amazing to me how much we’ve done to organize it and tidy our own in the last month. We’ve hung some art and better managed our kitchen space. We are also looking at some cheap but decent Ikea furniture for some additional storage space in our living room which begins to look…nice. More grown up than any of our previous homes. There’s an actual color scheme: gray and blue and cream, with punches of red and (of all things!) bright pink. Trust me, it works.

We’ve also probably never been as good about laundry and general cleaning as we have been for the last few weeks. Easy when you’re at home full time instead of trying to cram your weekly cleaning into a half day on the weekends! While again it’s a statement of huge privilege, I’m grateful that we’ve had the ability to focus on and improve our home in these times – even if that’s only meant vacuuming daily or unwrapping artwork from protective plastic where it’s languished for months.

How are you looking after your home space now? Have you had to make changes to manage your home or work life from it better? If you are not at home full time right now, what is your connection to your home space?


One thought on “Sunday Check In”

  1. Sounds good!

    I bought 3 test colors and we’re going to try them on one small living room wall. I don’t really dislike our color — but 13 years is a long time.

    Have even been looking at new sofas online. Mostly doing a lot of dusting and polishing and tidying — and fresh flowers in every room are a must.

    Treated ourselves to a pretty new set of sheets, a new bedside rug and (!) a lavender linen custom-made tablecloth. That was ordered pre-pandemic but will be a lovely new thing for spring.

    I did a video work call this week with a new client in Europe and made sure to clear the kitchen counters behind me of the two vodka bottles!

    The weather here is such a disaster — November temps in May?!

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