Weekend Links – May Day, May Day!

Well, we made it, kittens. April is behind us and good riddance. Short and sweet today as we’re powering through the last few hours before the weekend…even though it won’t look massively different from our weekdays.

Nonetheless, this weekend I intend to enjoy the sunshine, cuddle effusively with my husband, and cook. Let me know your plans in the comments, and I promise to cheer them on whatever they are.

We elected our dumbest and worst person to be president. You cannot convince me otherwise at this point.

New single from The 1975, one of my favorite bands.

Culture matters in good times, but it matters desperately in rough ones. Take advantage of the artistic generosity swelling forth, but also donate if you can now and commit to funding it when you can later.

2020 is so wild that this barely broke into my awareness this week.

Shall we volunteer, Small Dog Nation?

As I spend more time cooking, I am thinking more about cookbooks (as opposed to family recipes, or what I find on pinterest or online). But I have read few as BOOKS, and plan to rectify this.

Andrew Yang was an unusual candidate in that he seemed fully focused on future problems and did not sugar coat the risks he saw. While he was never my preference, I’m pleased he advocated for certain issues and found this interview with him to be worth a read given the state of the world.

This may be the only time a mediocre book review compels me to read the book in question, because it so perfectly encapsulate a current moment that it might feel remiss not to. “As I read The End of October, I found myself resenting it. It was such a silly potboiler of a novel, with such unbelievable characters, such leaden sentences, such infuriatingly clumsy dialogue. How dare the world in which I am actually living so closely resemble a fucking airport thriller?

Yes, I have read “the nanny piece.” No, I have no further comments beyond “Eat the rich.”

The coming war between venues of all kinds, artists, distributors, and agents is going to be nuts. I don’t think movie theatres or theatrical venues are ever going to go away (if the last five thousand years of human history are anything to go by). But that doesn’t mean they won’t, or shouldn’t change. Concerts won’t stop, but I also hope artists will continue to stream straight to their fans when all this is over. I hope gyms will continue to provide online classes. I hope the ways in which we consume and enjoy all manner of things stays accessible and doesn’t just serve to make a few people rich.

Longtime readers will know that Small Dog Nation stans Yoga with Adrienne, so seeing her process and success detailed was both pleasurable and genuinely interesting. She’s a great exercise resource, especially right now.

Celebrating good spuds and good people.

Either we take sexual assault claims seriously or we don’t. Biden needs to provide answers to these accusations, the public needs to grapple with them and come to a consensus and partisanship won’t cut it. His statement today and call for transparency is the right first step, investigation must follow.

Death to FOMO.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Links – May Day, May Day!”

  1. LOVE that song….and that bass line (says the oldie) is PURE 80s. Jose’s going to download it for me since I need GREAT music while I spin at home.

    Plans? PLANS?!!!!!

    Actually trying out 3 new paint colors for the livingroom/hallway…reading endless piles of magazines.

    Sitting outside in the blessed sunshine and 65 degree weather…since ir’s been super cold and rainy.

    Maybe a long walk…

    I just subscribed to (!) The English Home. so will soon be once more swooning over 16th cottages and chintz.

    1. The 1975 are great for all kinds of throwbacks while still sounding very modern and fresh. I love them.

      You’d be very proud of us, we’ve hung artwork, picked up some new plants, and are thinking about some new furniture (Ikea and cheap, but decoration nonetheless)

    1. I cook from scratch a lot, and I’ve got a bunch of “recipes” which is really just cooking from memory and there are whole categories of food I can just throw together (soups, pastas, roasted veg and meat) but I’m really trying to learn new cuisines and techniques this year. Gotta trust either chefs or aunties and grandmas for that!

  2. In the midst of a global crisis, sexual harassment didn’t even get in the car, never mind taking a back seat. While Dems were quick to get a resignation when Franken was exposed, political interests ensure that EWM continue to get away with behavior that should prevent any political involvement at all; Blatchford Redux, regardless of party affiliation.

    1. I’m so genuinely angry and weary about so many things right now, but when it comes to the twists and turns people will do for self-beneficial hypocrisy, it’s a game of one-downsmanship and the losers are all of us. It’s exhausting and enraging.

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