Sunday Check In

Hi ducklings, how are we all doing this week?

This week an additional group of colleagues was furloughed, one that contained many of my favorite coworkers and work friends. I know it’s temporary but I’m going to miss hanging out with these people (at least digitally) until they are back. We have awesome group chats!

Other than that, this was also a week where I’ve had some uncomfortable exchanges with people, personally and professionally. Stress is getting to lots of people, myself included, and our experiences are all individual and personal. It can make common ground harder to establish. I’m trying to remember my own calls for kindness while also speaking up when I feel is necessary. It’s a balancing act – some days I nail it, other days I get it wrong.

How about you? How was this week? What are your personal circumstances? What would you like people to better appreciate about your experience or point of view right now?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Check In”

  1. Sorry to hear that it’s been a difficult week. I hear you re: missing furloughed colleagues. And yes, stress is definitely getting to a lot of people. Also, I think it’s very easy for miscommunications to happen when we’re communicating with our colleagues digitally all the time. So far, everything’s running smoothly with my team, so hopefully that will continue.

    Wishing you strength (and strong coffee) as we go into another work week! I’m not ready for Monday, but we’ll get through it. 🙂

    P.S. thanks for your email. I’ll reply soon!

  2. It’s very tough to stay calm and polite when stressed 24/7!

    We haven’t even tried yet to apply for unemployment insurance or other federal funds promised to us because millions are stampeding in the same direction. Work has basically disappeared for me — I have one assignment whose income pays for one month of health insurance.

    It’s tempting to panic, then rage at the toxicity of how savage the virus is and how it’s killed 40,000 Americans — SO FAR — while the creep-in-chief lies and brags. It’s all extremely depressing.

    We are grateful for $ in the bank, food in the fridge, work for Jose and another country, if we really have to, to flee to.

    But it’s rough.

    1. We definitely need a chat in the near future. I’m so glad you’re well, but the stress build up is real and I know what it is to be staring into the face of a spectrum of possibilities, some of which are grim.

  3. Yeah had that in the grocery store – half the people reacted as though I was a zombie about to eat their faces off, and the other half acted like they hadn’t heard about social distancing and couldn’t see the arrows marking the aisles. Yuck. I have only been food shopping every 2 weeks and will try to reduce it from that.

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