Weekend Links

Happy Friday, ducklings. It’s been a hell of a week. Work continues to be rewarding but tiring, the news continues to be bad (PLEASE don’t inject yourself with bleach, team…)

Ouch. This one landed right in the feels.

Pop culture critic and unabashed musical lover Lindsay Ellis took on CATS. And she is 100% correct.

Some really good ideas and tips in this vlog about taking some time whilst we’re all at home to maintain your wardrobe items.

How are cities going to change in the future? It’s not original to say they are expensive and stressful to live in (even those of us who love them), but how might COVID-19 force societal shifts, even if they were already in the making?

Good for them. No one is required to be complicit in their own abuse, especially after having taken the decisions they have to reduce their public obligations.

Another potential positive outcome to this whole mess: a correct recalibration on the importance of science over anecdote. I’m on record as finding the Anti Vaxx movement dangerous and, in my opinion, a by product of other pernicious elevations of opinion over reason and bizarre tribalism. I’d be delighted to see their platforms and influence vanish.

Bleeding hell. There’s been some stabilising since but it’s an example of exactly how bad things can get – and how the economy is NOT the stock market.

Yes, Stanley, I think we all need that drink right about now.

Big Data for union busting. Yay…

If you’re looking for some quarantine exercise routines, Instagram is here to help! My newest find is Psycle London’s live feed and subsequently posted classes. Send me your recs in the comments.

Reminder – this is classic and academically documented troll behavior, and there is a history of tactic coordination that appears local but isn’t. Apply healthy scepticism accordingly.

Active force for good in the world.

Active force for depression, but worth reading.

Me reading this story:

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. That Atlantic millennials article… 😦

    I’ll check out the workouts you recommended. Always good to find new workout recs for variation!

    I’ve done a couple of the Balanced Body workouts and the 30-minute resistance band one is great (https://video.pilates.com/categories/free-workouts). I heard today that the New York City Ballet has some good workouts on their YouTube channel…sounds like fun!

    Talking of ballet, this is four minutes of beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxW1ce_YtCI

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