Weekend Links

Sharp and sweet this week, my ducklings. It’s been another frantic one and I’m out of energy to do anything but read and veg. Check in and let me know how you’re doing!


No kidding

On the one hand, it’s nice to know my wacky dreaming is not just my brain short circuiting. On the other, share your most bizarre ones in the comments!

I’ve been screaming for a more creative society where we experiment with solutions far more than we do now, and here was a refreshing attempt. What would you experiment with? Tell me in the comments again, I’m highly interested in hot takes!

The legend of Mary Magdalene, a thoughtful read following Easter Week on the individual, the history of christendom, and evolution of religious belief.

Well, this is grim

What an ugly, small, vainglorious awful man.

He’s going to get people killed. More of them, I mean.

Not great, team.

No, I’m still not over Tiger King. This is just gravy at this point.

I am among the many Animal Crossing widows.


The economist who has made me think and rethink my opinions on more financial issues in my lifetime is Mark Blyth, based out of the Watson School for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. He’s given many informative (and entertaining) talks over the years, about macro and micro economic histories with an emphasis on how fiscal policy affects political and cultural trends. Two virtual podcasts/seminars to shout out this week from him, one serious and the other more fun. “Facts are behind paywalls, rumors are free of charge.” 

A question we badly need to answer and soon.

I delight in museum Twitter battles!

Their strategy has always been to drown out inconvenient facts with a noisy barrage of distortions—to “flood the zone with shit,” as Steve Bannon once put it. But in recent weeks, the president and his allies have been waging a dystopian campaign of revisionist history more brazen than anything they’ve attempted before.”

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. Love Leena…and totally agree about NHS service, double passports and multiple godparents.

    I have all the paperwork for an Irish passport (Irish grandfather) but haven’t activated it. Probably will for legal residency in Europe in retirement.

    The godparent idea is a very good one — of course with necessary vetting of people’s pasts (hello, potential abuse). One of the saddest things of not having my own. kids (my choice) but no nieces or nephews or friends with small kids is…no time with kids! Just because I didn’t want the responsibility of having and raising my own doesn’t mean I hate kids. I don’t own a massive pick-up truck either — it’s a CHOICE. But I really enjoy time with kids, especially anyone between 6 and 11 or so…So I wish this were a thing.

    Nothing to say about 45 and his lethality. We live its toxicity daily.

    Thanks for the link to the Brown guy. Will def. investigate.

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