Something Small

What’s something small and everyday that you find yourself missing right now? I’ve got a weird one: my commute.

We are lucky to live in central London and on a normal day I can get from my front door to the office in about thirty minutes if I catch the right train, perhaps slightly more if I don’t. I tend to give myself 45 so that I can walk at a leisurely pace to the train station and pick up a nice coffee if I feel so inclined. I pass a historic churchyard that’s typically filled with dogs on their first walk of the day, and a famed antiques market every Friday.

My transit time tallies to between an hour and an hour and a half a day. It’s exercise, fresh air, and usually I get an episode or two of a podcast in or a chunk of time on my current audiobook (which I listen to at at least 1.5x normal speed so this can really add up in a work week).

I miss it. Genuinely. This was prime “me time” and I miss the start of my morning that got my blood moving and switched my brain on.

9 thoughts on “Something Small”

  1. I can understand missing the “me time”. But for me, the commute is the thing that I’m missing the least – no more traffic jams!

    I’m relishing the time to work out at home in the morning (or, more likely, to sleep in for an extra hour!) and being able to spend more time cooking in the evening. I’m re-evaluating the way I want my life to be post-pandemic, and a shorter commute will definitely be a priority. Or maybe I’ll go freelance and cut out the commute altogether. Lots of ideas!

    1. I think if I were in a car I would HATE commuting. For me it’s a leisurely stroll it’s a pleasure rather than a slog but I’ve def been on both sides of the divide.

      Oooh, talk to me about these ideas!

  2. I totally get that…

    Routines can be tedious but also soothing and orienting. I’m usually out the door Mon/Wed/Friday for an 8:30 a.m. spin class — it energizes me, I see pals, it starts my day. Now (!) I am very lucky that years ago we bought a bike trainer so my spin class is now on our balcony (great river views!) and away I go. Much harder to stay motivated but have to try.

    I woke up this morning and said….I miss antiquing. I love rummaging and finding occasional treasures. My last one is a lovely turquoise glass decanter I bought in DC at my favorite store there — $12 — on March 8. My last day of travel and liberty!

    1. I am missing my patio so much right now, just fresh air is so nice and I appreciate it so much more now that I try to follow advice and only venture out once a day at most.

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