The Real To Do List

I’ve rearranged my furniture, cleaned out and reorganized my closet, done laundry and dishes every single day, made four batches of soup, baked my weight in cookies and bread, mastered the art of sensibly shopping for toilet paper, refrained from petting dogs on our once daily sanctioned walks, painted my nails twice, sweep the floor and wipe down kitchen counters daily, and am exercising multiple times a week.

And still have energy to burn.


Going slow and steady has never been my strong suit and being in a situation where my role and responsibility is to…stay home and do as little as possible by normal standards…is bizarrely challenging.

This is of course said from a position of ludicrous privilege and I recognize that.

But the dissonance between what most of us want to be in a crisis (active, part of the solution, responsive, the grand gesture types) vs. what is actually required of us (stillness, self awareness, patience, thrift, and compassion) is so telling and interesting to me. I suspect I’m going to be thinking about this for a while to come, and hopefully long after this is over.

3 thoughts on “The Real To Do List”

  1. Oh hell yes…

    I clean the apartment a lot (which I enjoy) and still have (uggggh) a HUGE pile of papers and magazines to read and toss. Then the garage, then my 3 jammed drawers of…paperwork. So this will keep me busy for a bit.

    Only one assignment. Not good.

    But feeling unable to help right now is brutal. We have a local woman in our town who is an amazing hub for putting together local needs (a family who loses everything in a fire, for example) and volunteer help (our town FB page is our zip code, 10591.) So we made sandwiches for our local hospital and a nurse came by to get them. A tiny thing but felt so good.

    1. My apartment has never been this clean…but the laundry and I are in a stand off when it comes to folding.

      …thus far the laundry is winning.

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