End of Year Empties

As part of my “no buy/low buy” challenges I’ve been eschewing the buying of makeup for several months with two exceptions: the launch of the Victoria Beckham Beauty brand, and the Glossier pop up shop in London. The first was something I’ve been looking forward to for years and the second was a chance to try new products in person before making a call as to whether to purchase them or not. Both of these safely behind me, my wallet has been on lockdown and I’ve been focused on using up the plethora of products I already own.

You know where this is going…the last empties post of the year! Part I, Part II, and Part III here for your prurient pleasure.

Here’s everything I used up in the last few months!

Ignore the sloppy addition of the skincare item (Paula’s Choice Vitamin C, which is excellent), it’s due to idiocy on my part. I used up several makeup items in the last few months, which is always interesting and instructive to report. There is little to surprise here in terms of brands. I used up a bottle of Glossier Skin Perfector (which isn’t really worth the money unless you already have magnificent skin), another tube of Boy Brow (which is very much worth the coin) and their clear gloss (which is perfectly acceptable). I used up an entire compact of Charlotte Tilbury powder and a concealer, both of which are very good products, but I am trying to replace at lower price points…thus far without success. The powder is the very best I have yet tried and as soon as my current, cheaper option is done for, I’ll probably repurchase it. The lipstick is 1975 Red, which was a very lovely birthday present from former coworkers which I used to the last swipe. It’s limited edition, but the brand is pretty good when it comes to its lipsticks, so I’d never call even LE items bad for money. I also used up a lip gloss from Bite Beauty, and another tube of my favorite cheap mascara (which I absolutely picked up a handful of in the States when I was there for my brother’s wedding this summer). Finally, I polished off a Maybellline primer which was very nice, but which I haven’t been able to find again since finishing and so have replaced with a slightly more expensive option.

Oh look, my boring shower reliables.

A lot of additional reliable products which longtime readers will recognize, including the Thank You Farmer SPF and No 7 Gel Cleanser. I am trying to find a replacement for my Glossier moisturizer that costs less, and have been having luck with the Avene line thus far. Garnier is a good alternative to the Bioderma micellar water, and more easily found than the latter (even though it has now found its way to the UK through commonplace pharmacies). The Ordinary also continues to make really affordable and effective serums which I love and use regularly.

Et voila! The last empties report of the year is finished.

Per my 101/1001 goals, I’m going to attempt to use up $1,000 worth of items and blog about it in 2020–primarily because no one should own that much stuff of a perishable product in the first place and I want to significantly reduce my overall number of products, and second to get my literal money’s worth. I’m not proud of the fact that I own as much stuff as I do, and I’m curious how much I can use up in a year if I don’t purchase anything new to divert my attention. It’s a niche goal, admittedly, but in keeping with my aim of getting “Back to Basics.”

8 thoughts on “End of Year Empties”

  1. I agree with you — The Ordinary serums are amazing. I just started using their Niacinamide + Zinc to tackle some hormonal skin issues. After a few days of using it, I’m already noticing a difference. And for only £5 a bottle!

  2. The London Glossier pop up looks so cute. I got to check out their Seattle one a few months ago. Full N Soft was my absolute favorite, my go to for years! However I switched to cruelty free makeup and have not yet been able to find anything on par with my old stand by.

  3. I am now def. needing to investigate Glossier — they have a NYC store and I need to make the pilgrimage. The only product that looks worth it to me is the brow flick…what else is a must-have?

    I am in awe of how much stuff you use! Girl!????

    Maybe because I work alone at home and no one cares how I look…I barely brush my hair. I wash my face with soap (I do have and like Caudalie face wash) and have toner (Estee Lauder or Clinique) and moisturizer (Garnier for at home/ no SPF) and Neutrogena SPF 30 for outside. One tip to consider — as you are even more pale than I — moisturizer WITH SPF on the backs of your hands as well. I had a funny spot treated this summer on the top of my left hand and the derm. said it’s always a good idea.

    I have WAY too many lipsticks but use very few products. I take a lot of baths and combine Neutrogena Body Oil with fragrant essences like peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender.

    1. I know I know…it’s awful. That’s why I’m on this “journey” of paring down. While not sliding into minimalism, my goal is definitely to own less at the end of 2020 than when I started. I don’t mind spending money on my skincare and a lot of the stuff you see at this point is repurchases of old standbys, but I’m not buying makeup until I actually use up stuff. And that takes MONTHS. I also own too many lipsticks. Zero apologies.

      Re Glossier, I think you would like their cream blushes and their brow products a lot – both in colors and application style I think they’d suit you. Possibly their mascara. You could probably skip a lot of their other items as they are built for skincare you don’t need or looks you don’t like, but I’d start with those if you’re interested.

      1. Thanks…must make the pilgrimage!

        My best make-up splurge was in early spring 2019 in Montreal when I walked into a downtown drugstore chain and there was a beauty consultant who — in minutes, w no upselling — found me exactly what I needed. I happily dropped $150, a fortune for me, grateful for such excellent service.

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