Year of Discipline: May

“As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer.”
– William Shakespeare

What a month this was, my treasures. I’m just going to have to come out and admit that when it comes to goals and personal progress, most of this month was really just about getting through one week at a time with work commitments. That and a little overdue self-indulgence when it came to girl time!

I’m not entirely happy with myself when it comes to a my annual theme lately. I haven’t felt disciplined at all, just swinging from some version of over-severe austerity to utter laxness, with a side helping of emotional overwhelm for good measure. But I think this is why the idea of discipline felt so important for me to focus on, it’s not a natural state for me–at least a healthy version isn’t. The journey to a most sustainable set of habits and expectations which provide the structure I want is going to be a longer one that I thought, but I think that’s okay.

General Motivation: 

Shocking. Nonexistent. If it hasn’t been work or recovery from work, I don’t know her.


*shoves another cheesey bread into her face and cackles*


…actually pretty good. My best friend X and I planned a near-impromptu girls trip to Naples and I was actually to pay for the whole thing up front and basically in cash. I was so excited about this milestone…until one of my brothers got engaged and planned a summer wedding in the same year! And while we’re absolutely delighted, we definitely didn’t plan or budget for a trip to the States in 2019. Ah well. Back on the savings to buy a lovely wedding present and humbly having to ask parents to help us out with travel arrangements. My parents are thrilled, it’s been literally ten years since their last wedding (mine) and the siblings are flying in from all across the world (literally) for the shindig. Yay, weddings!


With the warmer weather now fully in play, I’ve found it easier to make the effort to get up just a bit earlier and try and do something with my mane. Most days. The warm weather also brings humidity and its tendency to laugh in my face when I attempt to do anything grown up with my face and hair.

Other stuff:

Continued immigration work prep and conversations with landlord about extending our lease later this year. These are far from settled but it’s good to focus on moving these along. Here’s to not being stateless OR homeless!

Organized my Dropbox photos, especially my recent travel ones.

Set aside some things to hand over to my sister when I see her this summer–spoiled kid.

Tailored and repaired some clothing, as well as properly packed away my cold weather knits with cedar balls for protection against moths. Like a grown up!

Put the biggest corporate event project I work on all year to bed.

Worked on my next 101/1001 this space!

2 thoughts on “Year of Discipline: May”

  1. Looking forward to your next 101 in 1001. Looks like you made good progress on the last one!

    I’m currently chugging along on my first 101/1001. Completed items so far include completing a 2500 practice question bank for a medical board exam prep, trying acupuncture, and finally selling my old textbooks and DSLR camera.

    1. WELL DONE YOU! Shame on wordpress for not being able to allow me to pepper you with gifs filled with confetti!

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