101 in 1001 2.0


Inspired by Mackenzie Horan’s original challenge–for which I got a lovely shoutout here! Let’s gear up for a second time around now.
Kicking off  August 29, 2016 and ending May 27, 2019

1. Finish a first draft of a new novel
2. Go to Iceland
3. Work out for a minimum of 3x a week for 6 months (1 of 6)
4. Visit somewhere in Africa
5. Visit three British Great Houses (Blenheim…)
6. Attend a type of sporting a event that I’ve never been to before
7. Buy and wear a real gown (to an appropriate event)
8. Read every Agatha Christie novel
9. See the Northern Lights
10. See 10 operas, ballets, or classic plays I haven’t yet (5 of 10)
11. Start practicing piano again, possibly restart lessons
12. Visit Prague
13. Finish first draft of a second novel
14. Run a 5k or equivalent
15. Get a true sized Christmas tree and decorate it for the holidays
16. See a Shakespeare performance in Stratford-upon-Avon
17. Visit the Acropolis in Athens
18. Buy an authentic Scandinavian sweater
19. Travel somewhere in South America
20. Get a dog
21. Hike Hadrian’s Wall again with Jeff
22. Spend a weekend in the Lakes District
23. Get a nice pair of glasses when my current pair dies
24. See a whale in the wild
25. Take a holiday by myself
26. Attend a traditional English wedding
27. Submit a novel query to an agent
28. Go a month without eating out once
29. Reestablish and keep a monthly savings goal
30. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished
31. Try an elimination diet
32. Send everyone in our family a birthday card or present without missing anyone for a year
33. Pay off the remainder of our student loans (Done, thanks entirely to the unbelievable generosity of our family)
34. Take a holiday with a best friend
35. Move to a new (bigger) apartment
36. Invest in a right hand ring
37. Reconnect to favorite middle and high school teachers (Fraser and Meyer, looking at you)
38. Do another 100 books in a year self challenge
39. Frame all our prints and other collections
40. Start real, grown up investing
41. Learn more Photoshop skills
42. Learn more InDesign skills
43. Make a “lookbook” for my closet, to aid with styling and cut back on shopping! Because…
44. Go on a shopping hiatus for 3 months once a year (3 of 4)
45. Keep another food diary for a month
46. Keep a spending diary for a month
47. Get a tattoo
48. Learn how to edit video, even if it’s just for YouTube
49. Decorate a new apartment like a real, live grown up
50. Work with a beauty or fashion brand in some way
51. Do the Yoga With Adrienne 30-day Challenge  (Did a 31-day challenge instead!)
52. Go on a nerdy Henry VIII tour with Katarina (trust me, it’s research for future projects)
53. Take a dance class in a new style
54. Pitch 4 writing projects a year (3 of 15)
55. Blog twice a week for six months
56. Be able to squat my own body weight
57. Meet a personal hero
58. Become a pseudo expert in a subject I’m interested by reading one book on the subject a month for six months (6 of 6)
59. Participate in  a protest in support of a cause I care about
60. Do some kind of creative project with Katarina
61. Take a coding class
62. Attend religious services outside my childhood faith. The more “outside” the better
63. Skydive
64. Find and commit to a volunteer opportunity for a dedicated period
65. Finish another “cult TV” show (Twin Peaks)
66. Listen to one new-to-me music album each week for a year (52/52)
67. Develop and stick to a meditation practice
68. Go on a vacation where I do nothing but relax. I am really bad at it…
69. Engage with a therapist for a mid-adulthood “tune up” for some lingering issues
70. Subscribe to 3 business papers (1/3)
71. Plan a “girls” holiday meet up with best friends or girls from university
72. Learn to mend and store my own clothing better/properly
73. Take a hard core self defense class
74. Land a major new consulting client in the first year back on the hustle (I’m counting a great year long contract!)
75. Limit grocery budget to £40 a week for a month (4 of 4)
76. Wake up by 6am every day for a month (including weekends)
77. Write 1000 words every day for a month–fictional projects
78. Write 1000 words a day for a month–personal writing such as journaling or blogging (didn’t quite make it but near as damn it and I wrote nearly every day for a month. It was a great jump start, and therefore I’m calling this a goal achieved!)
79. Find and do a programme to help me get my splits back
80. Get credit card balances down to zero
81. Find a way to collaborate with one of my creative agency contacts
82. Achieve 10,000 steps a day for a month
83. Go on one holiday a year with just friends (2 of 3)
84. Deep clean once a season for duration of 1001 day timeline (11 of 15)
85. Drink 2 litres of water a day for a month
86. Vote in every election in my US state for duration of 1001 day timeline (3 of 3)
87. Grow hair out again–taking proper care of it! (taking this as proof)
88. Wear heels to work for a month
89. Go on a holiday in the Scottish Highlands or islands
90. Travel to a Nordic country (besides Iceland, clearly)
91. Relearn how to knit
92. Do an OOTD post for a week (Katarina’s suggestion, blame her)
93. Get another piercing
94. Go a month without biting my nails
95. Listen to 20 audiobooks (20 of 20)
96. Go to a meet up with a British blogger I follow
97. Try starting a new feature on SDS (monthly faves)
98. Learn to play video games with Jeff
99. Get my five-a-day for a month
100. Invest in a really good quality peacoat (counting a vintage fur instead)
101. Beat my record at these goal lists! Meaning at least 51 ticked off. (38/101)