Weekend Links

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.” 
― Keith Richards

I have nothing new to say about politics this week. The president an unmitigated error enabled by the party he ostensibly heads but doesn’t lead, and no one is publicly doing anything to corral his mistakes in tone, temper, and judgement–I say nothing of policy because apparently he can’t either. His disaster relief efforts have been extraordinarily uneven (to be generous) and his constant racist dog whistles just keep coming.

Meanwhile, there was another horrific massacre and the usual “now is not the time to talk about gun violence/control/policy/legislation/statistics” talk, though I’m gratified to see pushback on this from a variety of media corners. When is the right time to talk about it, pray tell?

Ugh. It’s a news heavy links post this week, kittens, but there are some good morsels thrown in there to lighten things up. Tell me what your weekend plans are in the comments!

It’s time to stop finding convoluted explanations for significant amount of the President’s word and twitter vomit.

Man Repeller has a piece about the fading halcyon days of the EIC of major magazines and wonders what the future holds for such roles. I’m conflicted. I know print is changing (I do NOT believe that it is dead), and that magazines (like almost every other platform) have become glorified advertising campaigns…but I still see the role of the editors as needed in wider media culture. Living in a world with almost infinite products and services, I see the role of a good editor as to provide a consistent, thoughtful perspective on what is worth your time and what isn’t. Less gatekeeper and more curator. Almost the whole of each of my social media feeds is dominated by editors whose POV I admire and whose taste and judgement I trust.

Where does the Libertarian wing of US voters go from here?

McKay Coppins of The Atlantic filed a great piece of reporting, but one that’s also a bit frightening. Never have I been less thrilled to fear my biases are all being confirmed.

While we were ******* sleeping, I guess?!

David Brooks proposes that what Republicans need to reclaim their party is a better narrative. I don’t disagree. I also say, ditto Democrats.

I am fanatical about lipstick. I also reject this utterly.

As you wish.

HAHAHA. It’s funny because nothing matters anymore.

Literally nothing.

NOTHING. (Update.)

This story on how frustrating it can be to resell clothing is both annoyingly true and interesting. As a consummate secondhand shopper I do occasionally sell on my own things, but some attempts at this have been much more successful than others.

Album of the Week: Raised Under Grey Skies, by JP Cooper  

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