Weekend Links: Equinox Edition

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” 
― Jim Bishop

Holiday seems but a distant memory now! It’s been back to work, back to projects, back to deep cleaning the house, and all that jazz this week. It’s officially sweater weather and (as of yesterday) officially fall! I still haven’t written up our Greece adventure or caught up on all my To Dos, but we did make it to our annual local street festival, one concert, and have brunch plans tomorrow, so I’m going to call this a winning week. Here’s a nice big batch of links for you to enjoy this weekend, and let me know any of your plans (big or small) in the comments!

Clinging to that summer feeling!

The Cut asks the right questions. I am heartily over the push to make Secretary Clinton sit down, be quiet, or go away. Spite ’em, Madame Secretary.

Secretary Clinton has also been giving some great interviews, including this less formal one with the Pod Save America lads. Worth a listen.

In the body image segment of this week’s Ugh, Misogyny portion of the links, it sometimes feels impossible to be a woman, alive and in public.

In much better news, I forgot to post this last week but Leslie Jones fangirling was hands down my favorite moment of NYFW this year. (Bonus Lizzo, who is of course an active force for good in this world!)

I bow down to Danielle Steel’s desk.

This is journalism.

Oh my god, people, this needs money. Not as much as a number of worthy causes in the world (which you should absolutely be supporting), admittedly, but still. Phryne!


The goodest boy.

This week in Mormon news, The Atlantic publishes a conversation with an author who grapples with Mormonism’s racist history, how it has changed, and what roles it may see moving forward as a very American faith whose main membership is now outside the US and whose racial demographics have changed dramatically over its history.

Old uni classmate and blogger extraordinaire Janssen has had a lot of great ideas and projects over the years, but this is one I’m definitely filing away for if/when I spawn.

The bloggers are pissed, guys.

No one needs this.

ETA, forgot to add the album of the week: Wallflower, by Jordan Rakei 

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