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“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
― William Cullen Bryant

This weekend, fall landed! The temperature fell after an unseasonable (and not very pleasant, in my opinion) hot first half of the month and yesterday I pulled out a proper jumper for the first time. The leaves on the tree in our courtyard are starting to change color at the tips, which is making me a bit nostalgic because it’s the last time I’ll see that happen in our first little London flat. New York Fashion Week closed up shop and London Fashion Week is kicking off, so there’s lots of media to follow that doesn’t remind one of a dumpster fire for a change. Some people live for spring or summer, but I find fall the best season for feeling refreshed, optimistic, and energetic.

These weekend we’re hitting up some street and food festivals, though a bit slowly as I seem to have come down with a minor case of food poisoning that’s not great but nothing so bad as that week long plague I caught years ago. Slow but functional is the name of the game. We’re also continuing the hunt for furniture for the new place and we packed up the majority of our closet to get started on the move process. We’re now living out of drawers for the next twelve days. The countdown is on!

Here are your links, let me know what you’re getting up to this weekend.

I may have snagged a Fashion Week beauty purchase...possibly...
I may have snagged a Fashion Week beauty purchase…possibly…

Interesting piece at Politico on the intersection of Little House on the Prairie and conservative politics.

What the hell, America?!

Let’s pull a Shakespeare and invent some words.

A new royal grave (potentially)? Excellent!

The Great and Good Sophie and Margaret of Two Bossy Dames are to thank for making me aware this exists. I am forever in their debt. Dame Margaret is one of my major internet girl crushes and if she ever comes to London there will be shameless fangirling appeals on her time from one C. Small Dog.

I shall be following this avidly.

Is there really a market for these? Seriously? I quite literally stumbled upon this page during a late night Amazon browsing session and have no idea what to make with of them.

An ode to the black leather jacket.

And finally, friend of the blog Grace over at Cultural Life has a new addition and the photos are shockingly cute. Go forth and indulge in a bit of squeeing!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. The Laura Ingalls Wilder article is really interesting. I grew up with those books and used to have them as bedtime stories. But they have some uncomfortable truths behind the story, like the fact that Laura’s family of white settlers were part of taking over the land from Native Americans.

    I’ve heard of those Amazon buttons before. I think they’re crazy! Surely they must have some kind of limit applied to them? I can imagine a toddler having great fun pressing the button again…and again…and hey presto, 50 containers of laundry detergent turn up the next day.

    Ooh, what’s your beauty purchase? Do share — it looks intriguing!

    Thanks for linking to my post. 🙂 Puppy and I are lazing in the glorious sunshine as I write this. I love autumn but I’ve been enjoying this last burst of summer warmth before the days get shorter and colder.

    1. It’s odd to go back to things from childhood and see problematic elements where you didn’t before, I’ve had the same experience with the Little House books.

      Does the puppy have a name yet? We wait with baited breath!

      1. I think she’s going to be Aimée after all.

        I tried out different names and got lots of suggestions from friends and colleagues (Bonnie, Betty, Sallie, Elodie…), but Aimée has stuck! Pronounced the same as Amy — I just prefer the French spelling. Not that spelling matters much to a dog. 🙂

  2. The only dash button I need is for gin & tonics, thank you very much! 🙂

    Not sure about black leather motorcycle jackets. I think on someone tall and thin, the proportion is interesting, as is the look. I think on (ahem) the shorter among us, and the thicker (guilty) they can just look ugly and weird, which is why I haven’t succumbed. But maybe someday…

    1. Some of those dash buttons are just plain bizarre. Who needs paper towels on tap, I wonder?

      I bought a gorgeous leather jacket last year and even though I think it’s beautiful (even though I’m short and, er, thicker than I would prefer) I think it looks good on me…I’m surprisingly intimidated to wear it! Must get over that and indulge in it this fall.

      1. I guess dash buttons are for people with HUGE supply needs (!?) and who can’t be bothered doing anything even more difficult than pressing a button.

        What color is your jacket? Vintage?

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