Emails With Friends: Interior Design

“We like an obscenely expensive sofa and there are a million and a half online mattress companies. Also EVERYTHING is mid-century at the moment which is getting tiring. Actually, we found an great antique store with amazingly reasonable prices. Hidden gem for sure. I don’t need a taxidermy giraffe head or French tailor’s drawers…but I want them.”
“I definitely 100% need a taxidermy giraffe’s head, but then again, the amount of taxidermy mounts I have bookmarked = many.”
“I am currently flirting with the most charming taxidermy fox I found at a random street market last Friday. To go in my perforce mid-century apartment, apparently.”
“I’m really lucky that I have several great family pieces at my disposal (bed, vanity, piano), but I’m still so impatient because I have a very strong idea of what I want and it’s like, OKAY LET’S IMMEDIATELY BUY gazelle heads and masonic thrones and 19th-c maps and ENORMOUS POTTED PALMS and also, CHINA…
“…by which I meant, like, china dishes. Not the country; clarification is probably necessary.”
“Yeah, I totally read “china” as the country, but just assumed that had to do with the colonial elements of your design ambition. Heck, I live in Britain. The country that just rolled up to everywhere else in the world and said, ‘This wall. I like it. We’ll take it.'”
-C. and Katarina

 photo 1-2jmk5hzl5yK21LHfgtEXGw_zpsmtwkjbtl.gif

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