Weekend Links

There are two places in the world where men can most effectively disappear — the city of London and the South Seas.
-Herman Melville

2015-11-21 19.07.16

I’m getting old, kittens, I have now taken a day-time nap two weekends in a row. This is unprecedented as I historically have been unable to sleep at all during the day unless pretty badly ill indeed. I’ve also found a silver hair so my goal of achieving Cruella de Vil like locks may yet become reality.

The weekend is just winding down here at Small Dog headquarters, so I’m off to bed with a pile of library books while Jeff unwinds with basketball. We spent the last two days taking in markets and Christmas decorations but alas, Monday and responsibility beckons. Here are some links to help postpone it just a little while longer…

CGP Grey has a new vid on the inequitable bio-hazard swap of the Columbian Exchange. Let’s hear it for the “soap and soup” phase of history.

Belgium, I love and miss you, you brave and wacky bastard. As long as Belgium stays defiant and weird, guys, I genuinely believe hatred and terrorism are doomed.

Thoughts on managers and the perfect opportunity to share stories about good and bad bosses. To the comments!

Another YouTube link, this time from the Royal Ballet on the history of pointe work.

Dance, jump on it

Cheese laws.

Thoughts on tiny houses, living with less, and appropriation.

Why is American dress so casual, and is it a bad thing?

This sent me on a delightful half hour of Etsy searching.

Gotta say, there’s still plenty of park canoodling these day.

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