Weekend Links

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
― Hamilton Wright Mabie

We have been slightly struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year–unusual as I tend to go giddy with the carols and candles and food the day after Thanksgiving–but today we solved it by marching out into the city and returning with a tree and the first batch of presents. I’m currently alternating between Vince Guaraldi’s charming Peanuts Christmas music, the Cambridge Singers and the MoTab (that’s Mormon Tabernacle Choir for those less familiar with Mormon slang. I may not attend services anymore but you will pry their holiday music from my cold, dead fingers). As a result, holiday mood activated.

Other weekend highlights include vigorous email exchanges with Katerina about her latest manuscript, a long overdue Skype session with Xarissa, and a massive binge on library books. Since my work life balance has been somewhat restored in the last few weeks I’ve been able to get back into reading for pleasure and it’s been such a great relaxant. Here are your links, piglets, and let me know what you’re getting up to this week–emphasis on holiday goodness!

2015-12-04 20.36.26

Gorgeous find.

I have a black tie event next week and I’m not sure what to wear.

Power perfumes are back, baby!

A tiny drop of faith in humanity restored.

A roundup of the important cultural happenings this year…

Six different ways to make French toast. Hie thee to a kitchen, kittens.

All Songs Considered top 2015 list.

Thoughts on Mr. Rogers.

Ah, excellent!

Read this and then remember the immortal “Stuff” lecture by Miranda Priestly.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. Those mosaics!!! The best museum I know for mosaics — which I visited in 2003 — is the Bardo Museum in Tunis. Fantastic.

    The power perfume thing…not for me. I keep running into CLOUDS of Anais, Anais (which I wore in 1982, puhleeze) and it’s TOO MUCH. Of course, I also wear Opium on occasion, so guilty. 🙂

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