Tall Ships Festival Part II

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”
― William Shedd

Some more shots from the Tall Ships Festival around the Royal Naval College and the Cutty Sark. The day started out fairly overcast but cleared up beautifully by the afternoon and I got to enjoy the sun bathed history to my heart’s content. Royal Museums Greenwich had a naval encampment on its green to show some of the skills employed by the navy and river-side Thames dwellers who supported them.

 photo ships21_zps01b6fd92.jpg

 photo ships22_zps615ca1f2.jpg

 photo ships23_zpsec2640f5.jpg

Not quite Horatio Hornblower, but pretty nifty all the same.

 photo ships24_zps8bfb36ac.jpg

 photo ships25_zps3720fec2.jpg


 photo ships26_zps7611ee71.jpg

Wool dyeing with natural and old school methods.

 photo ships27_zpsf7de06af.jpg


 photo ships28_zps09268f01.jpg

Call out the marines!

 photo ships29_zpsa0fcc79c.jpg

 photo ships212_zpse4553dd3.jpg

Unlike some of the other vessels, the Cutty Sark is not a small ship.

 photo ships211_zps457fed01.jpg

Lord Nelson is feeling serious.

 photo ships210_zps50caf3f8.jpg

Sir Walter Raleigh is feeling sassy.

3 thoughts on “Tall Ships Festival Part II”

  1. Jealous!!! This looks like amazing fun…and the man in the tent!!!

    Did you know i spent a week crewing on an Australian tall ship? Best wk of my life, climbing 100 ft up the rigging mulitple times a day to work on a footrope furling heavy canvas. OMG was I exhausted. You have no idea the strength it takes to work on one of those vessels.

    1. No I don’t but I can imagine! They look completely draining, I’m still in awe that people sailed around the world in them largely malnourished. More about this story, please!

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