Friday Links

“What shall you do all your vacation?’, asked Amy. “I shall lie abed and do nothing”, replied Meg.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

I’m on vacation, but the links must go on! Let me know what you’re doing this weekend and share anything else worth linking to in the comments.

 photo howdy_zps70cef37c.jpg
Farewell for the week, London!

You know I love a good bit of mapping.

Since we’re traveling, here’s a much more well known traveler giving his thoughts on the matter.

John Malkovich being…Malkovich-y.

Secrets of famous Hollywood costumes.

Know your queens.

Hey, I’m on The Collaboreat!

And speaking of food, did you know the NYT released their massive recipe database? Enjoy.

We’ve been showing off London’s museums to my in-laws this week, so this was timely. Plus you know I can never turn down a decent art mystery!

We can ban all of these, thanks. (h/t to the lovely Ruth for this one!)

Did you catch the latest This American Life? Really, really interesting if alarming.

For your weekly dose of religious gender issues, this personal piece by a woman writing bluntly about her experience in trying to find a Christian community that welcomes her. And her wife and family.

5 thoughts on “Friday Links”

  1. I hope you have a relaxing vacation. 🙂

    These links all look very interesting and I am going to bookmark the NYT recipe database.

    I listened to the most recent This American Life yesterday while I was doing chores and it was interesting but also disturbing. Also, it made me feel irritated when Carmen Segarra was told off for being “arrogant” and having “sharp elbows”. Would a male colleague be treated in the same way? Probably not…

    1. Probably not indeed! I had the same reaction.

      The vacation was lovely and very much needed, but it’s nice to be back..except for the metric ton of emails that await me!

  2. Weekend plans? Sleep! Catching up with Jose…..whose new sked is brutal; 2pm to 10:pm, arriving home 11:30 p.m. Another day with my Dad before he drives back to Canada. Now binge-watching House of Cards.

      1. It’s interesting….I am finding it much less compelling the 2nd time around. Not sure why. My father, (who worked in TV and film for years) immediately lost interest because the characters are all so awful.

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