Sometimes You Go To Covent Garden And It’s the Olivier Awards

“All the world’s a stage.”
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

The other weekend, after I emerged from a project based fog and Jeff finished up a major bout of studying, we were in need of a treat. We counted the coins in our spare change jar and to our delight it added up to two concretes from Shake Shake so off we went to Covent Garden. When we got there we noticed it was unusually crowded, even for a weekend, but it turns out that they were filming live events for the Olivier Awards and several West End actors and and troupes were putting on live performances which were being broadcast to the main stage and events elsewhere.

Not just any performances, mind you. Whole numbers and sections of shows you otherwise have to pay a decent amount of money to see. It was a wonderfully unexpected way to enjoy the evening!
 photo olivier1_zps4bcb0960.jpg
The live stage was sent up in front of the famous St. Paul’s church, where Eliza Doolittle met professor Higgins in My Fair Lady and today is known as the Actor’s Church for its long history connected to the theatre world and community of the West End
 photo olivier4_zps2e82a2a4.jpg
Performers, puppet and human from the award winning Avenue Q.
 photo olivier2_zpsb779395e.jpg
No biggie, just Javert communing with the cosmos and swearing his unique brand of justice upon parole-breakers.
 photo olivier3_zps8d6a797a.jpg
Do you hear the people sing? As it happens, yes!

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