Paint the Town Red!

“Anna liked magazines. They were glossy machines. The only technology that she could fold. She read them on a regular basis because they were absorbing.”
― Sarah Schulman, Empathy

“C.,” I hear you say, “You hinted at something last week and failed to follow up. For shame.”

Indeed, kittens. Here’s the big announcement:

I’m working at Red Magazine for this week and next as a sort of short term intern at their London office! Ruth, who is currently killing it as the Lifestyle team’s intern, very kindly tipped me off when a short work experience vacancy opened up and encouraged me to contact the responsible member of the Features team to put myself forward. Bless her for being the loveliest of friends.

It’s only been three days out of my first week (two total) but it’s been an absolute blast stuffed with insights and opportunities to help out with projects. It’s been a whirl of feminism, beauty, health, trending issues, and interesting people!

As it happens, it’s also coinciding with strike action on the part of London Tube workers. Yesterday was the first day and the city was gridlocked. I totaled over 5 hours commuting by foot over cobblestones to work and back again (only falling in the door at a quarter to 9pm). This morning my oyster card was also lifted from my pocket by some perfidious fiend, leading to a frantic scramble to buy a new one on my way to the office. I might need a chiropractor, but it’s a small price to pay for the chance to contribute to an editorial and creative team!

Quick – how do I make myself indispensable and talk my way into an internship? This office is a well oiled machine but surely they could use a whipsmart plucky Yank somewhere, right?

2 thoughts on “Paint the Town Red!”

  1. Ohh the strike does have to change things. Make sure you’re noticed. Don’t brown nose, but always try to think one step ahead of what you know needs to be done. Always have a smile on your face and cheer people up. Bring a treat to share. Donuts usually work. 😉

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