Friday Links (Wassail Edition)

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.”
― Bob Hope

The weekend is upon us, kittens, the last before Christmas. Though I have to admit the weather is throwing most of us for a loop! It’s been chilly but bright and clear for days now. On Wednesday, Katie and I met up at Borough Market before wandering along the Thames and past the Tower in alarming perfect sunshine for this time of year. British weather, minions, contrary to the end!

Today I’m finishing up as many projects as possible so that I can take the vast majority of next week off to enjoy Christmas in London with Jeff. We’re going to try and find ourselves a pair of holiday jumpers in the thrift shops, take in some carol services at local churches, attend a Christmas Service at Westminster Abbey, and whatever else occurs to us at the time. Our last chore is figuring out what to do for Christmas Eve dinner (the culinary affair of the year) and buy the goods for our two person holiday feast. I’m sure I’ll figure something out, last minute adventures are something of a specialty. Here are you links for the weekend, tell me what you’re up to!


Here’s an interesting art project. (h/t Jessica)

Buddy Caitlin Jacobs put together a short list of ideas for Christmas presents for writers that I think is pretty nifty.

I like Fair Isle sweater patterns, but they’re turning up on leggings everywhere this winter. And I…don’t hate them? What? Here are some cute, cheap ones if you are so inclined.

This exists and it pleases me immensely! (h/t Mel Thoughts)

Hm, what do we think of this? I’m genuinely curious. State your opinion from, “Fun and useful” to “That way lies Anthony Weiner.”

Would like very much.

More emphatically, WANT. Covet. Lust after.

Posh, about to spawn, and have no idea what to name your bundle of joy? Town and Country Magazine is here to help.

Um, we seem to have misplaced something

How intriguing and gorgeous do these photography books look?

Finally, I finished my 101 in 1001 list and find it nicely ambitious! Have you read up on this idea? I think it’s a great idea…but then again, I like lists.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links (Wassail Edition)”

  1. Great links…

    I have to say (sorry) I hate the ant hill “art”…Imagine if someone came and poured hot metal into your apartment. Really?

    Love your 101 list — for a fun British city, Bath is absolutely gorgeous. My mom lived there for a while. YES to personal stationery. I have some for me, and we have some for Jose and I. Really useful for thank-you notes, condolences, anything. Power heels are well worth the investment; I paid full price for my Manolos (burgundy patent slingbacks) for my wedding. I get compliments on them every time. Now (sigh) I want more!

    That black and white coat is to die for.

    The Instagram thing…leaves me cold. Why anyone is still possibly enabling anyone else to exact “revenge porn” is beyond me. If the person can’t be there in person to see you naked, how “close” are you anyway?

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