Friday Links

“He had been walking for a long time, ever since dark in fact, and dark falls soon in December.”
― Charlotte Riddell

I need to get out of the house or I’m going to go stir crazy! It’s been one of those work weeks where I’ve been largely glued to my chair with last minute assignments – most of them really fun and interesting, but the pace has been frantic. So today I’ll try to get a bit of Christmas shopping done and get out in the fresh air to enjoy the holiday mood before going back to work. Hopefully while there’s still daylight. Which, as it happens fades in about five hours so if you’ll excuse me, here are your links and have a good weekend, ducklings!

First and foremost, a great and important man passed away yesterday. It’s stunning what he took on, stood up to, and overcame in his lifetime. Racism is alive and well, but in many parts of the world the institutionalized power it once held is broken because of his work.

Like many people, I’ve found several of the Old Spice campaigns hilarious, and an inside look at how they make them does nothing to lessen my enthusiasm. More creative than I realized!

tumblr find of the week, this fabulous thing! Trust me, spend some time going through a few pages, it’s incredibly clever!

This thing is the eel’s hips! (h/t Jessica)

I admit I know nothing about the process, but I’m sure there must be not a few unsubtle distinctions between corks and babies! Also, childbirth altogether is such an odd and dangerous process still that it’s a bit mindblowing to me. I’m not a little baffled that, evolutionarily speaking, the method we’ve got the best we’ve managed so far, I’d like to have gone through a couple more prototypes personally.

My adoration of emeralds is sufficiently documented, so other prelude to this article is unnecessary.

Ah, that happy time of year has come again when the mavens, gurus, or just blowhards of pop culture start compiling anthologies of what happened and we might not admit it but we’re somewhat shocked to realize that a few things that seem really distant aren’t at all. Here’s the first of many, kittens, a pop music mashup. (Seriously, Harlem Shake everywhere, that was this year? I could have sworn it was last…)

Had I but cash and cash enough, this would be my holiday party dress this year. Minions wishing to make my Christmas dreams come true may post it to Keepdreamingkid Lane, Wishfulshire.

Ladies and gentlemen, the isle of my birth and the sole issue it’s famous for.

Alas the year of emerald green is almost no more. Thus hath Pantone spoken.

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