Friday Links

“I do like escapism. I like going to the movies on a Friday night and seeing something fun.”
– Charlie Kaufman

Yesterday was Jeff’s birthday, he’s solidly late 20s now! Yesterday we did dinner at Scoff and Banter to celebrate, tomorrow we’re going to see this to continue celebrating, which we’ve been looking forward to for month (and had to book months in advance to avoid paying a kidney each). We tend to stretch birthdays out a bit, sans shame. That’s our weekend, what are yours looking like, ducklings? Here are your links!

I have, as you know a deep and abiding interest in all things cheese related.

The Lady sums it up. Lady Edith, who, by the way American minions who have not already pirated it, is killing it on the style front this series in Downtown Abbey would approve. More I cannot on the DA front, but that I have opinions on this season.

Book teas!

This book sounds fascinating, I’m adding it to the To Read list at once!

Ralph Lauren has released images for the Winter 2014 Olympic uniforms. I’m not loving the trousers but I think the coats are great.

Modern dandy portraits. Very nice indeed.

A couple of week ago, Mozart. This week, Beethoven.

This photo is making the social media rounds and I thought it worth sharing again. Caption: “A little break from our crying child. Once I took this picture I teared up with the realization of what my wife was going through.

Someday it will swallow the solar system and engulf it in blazing fury…but until then it is stunning, isn’t it?

This group concept (though sounding, as one commenter rather hilariously put it, a bit like The Hunger Games), actually makes a lot of sense to me. As an American citizen who grew up both internationally and all over the country, I’ve often found the best way to explain the US to some outsiders is to portray the states and the broader areas they are grouped in as something like different countries. Complete with dialects, cultural priorities, and in some places racial and ethnic majorities and minorities. Apart from anything else, it’s a good way to explain why our government is as dysfunctional as it can be. When you stop thinking of the US as one country but several trying (or sometimes refusing) to work together, a lot of things about it make more sense.

These photos – I want to go to there!

5 thoughts on “Friday Links”

  1. Hi Cadence, it’s Julie, Amy’s sister. I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a few months now. Love all your pictures and adventures in London. I’ve been the salt mines in Poland. If you get the chance, do it!

  2. Okay, I love that the map has “Tidewater” as a region. I’m sold based on that alone.

    Also, any time you mention a kidney, I have to laugh.

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