Friday Links

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.”
― Terrence Mann

It’s going to be a good weekend, kittens, I can feel it. Apart from anything else, we’re going to see Edward II, by Christopher Marlowe tomorrow evening. I’ve got projects and applications still to get through, though,  so here are you links and be good!

First off, cast your vote. I found this at Borough Market. Try or avoid?
First off, cast your vote. I found this at Borough Market. Try or avoid?

‘Cause the afterlife ain’t no place to be if you don’t got swag.

Really interesting! Sort of a US version of the genetics map I saw at Science Uncovered a couple of weeks ago.

Beautiful photos but awfully sad.

Oh yes, someday this will be me.

Speaking of the afterlife, we’ve somewhat cute-d it up, but lest we forget Halloween has a creepy, ghostly, barriers between the world coming down sort of history that should be respected. This new trend of cute (or heaven help us, sexy) costumes is a fairly new thing… (h/t Jessica)

I’ll just leave this thing from Bill Watterson right here.

I know I’m not even in the country or anything, but I hate “Black Friday” with a vengeance, so you can only imagine my thoughts on Black Thursday – previously known as the single American holiday dedicated to gratitude and celebrating what we already have.

How weirdly fabulous is this ring?!

Looking for a superbly lovely Instagram feed? Let me make you known (if you aren’t already) to Stone Fox Bride, their non-traditional “[censored] weddings” attitude, and their never ending supply of out of the box engagement and wedding rings. Magpies rejoice!

Tumblr find of the week, the name sums it up.

Good grief, this unexpected mayor has been through a lot!

I’ll take this house, please.

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