Friday Links

“I’ve been walking about London for the last thirty years, and I find something fresh in it every day.”
– Walter Besant

2013-09-16 13.23.03
Snapped last week wandering

This weekend Jeff is going golfing with some of the other people from his intake group (I’d tease him about becoming a cliche so soon, but the guy loves golf, hasn’t gone in a couple of months now, and is seriously excited about it so all corporate jokes are off) and I’m going to do some research for a freelance project. I am also going to do some more wandering. There is simply nothing to beat wandering in London.

Here are your links, kittens, and tell me what you’re up to!

This artist creates indoor clouds, and I think the results are oddly beautiful. (h/t Savvy)

It’s the morbid streak in me but I have a weird fascination with heiresses of the reclusive variety.

Hm. Some of these I like, others I think are ridiculous, and still others I want to slap across the face.

Has the week left you grumpy? Here, I have just the thing.

A beautiful take on van Gogh’s work.

When some people (an increasing number in fact from my community, but that’s a different post) ask me why I’m involved with some of the specific initiatives I am, usually involving womens’ rights, I’m always tempted to ask, “Do you read/watch the news?”

Excellent checklist. (We’ve got job hunting on the brain over here.)

Sarah, one of the most lovely and darling friends I made a university, is celebrating her (highly successful) blog’s 2 year anniversary this week. In addition to restaurant level quality food, she shares her travels as well – definitely check out her latest jaunt to Greece! It’s giving me outrageous schemes!

To say that I want this is vast understatement. I covet it in an almost unhealthy way.

Don’t knock assistants!

*image original to Small Dog Syndrome

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