By All Means, Let Us Observe Tradition

“What do you want?”
“Just coffee. Black – like my soul.”
― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

I scribble this to you, kittens, from a largely empty Starbucks after dropping J. off at work and limping towards an extra sugary hot chocolate to make my early wake up time worth it. I have become one of those coffee house freelancers… how quickly we sink to cliche! It’s vaguely depressing. But then again, that may just be the Monday talking.

4 thoughts on “By All Means, Let Us Observe Tradition”

  1. Okay, so this may seem like a shameless plug, but I work for a company that is built to help you little freelancers not have to work out of Starbucks. You can visit to search near you (I’m not sure where you are these days) and rent co-working space for dollars a day! (some are free, too). Anyway, you should check it out some time when you feel like it would be nice to be surrounded by your kind.

    1. Shameless plugs encouraged. And actually, one of my clients IS a coworking space! …except all the way in Virginia, where I currently am most definitely not. I’ll look into it, thanks! Currently I just hang around waiting for the library to open, which is up to two hours depending on when I drop of J.. Not fun.

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