Mothers’ Day

An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.
-Spanish Proverb

My mother, as has been established, is certifiably awesome.

Some of my favorite memories with her have been the day trips we took together, when I finally got out of the twerpy teenager phase and could really appreciate them. When we lived in Belgium she and I went down to Versailles together overnight, just the two of us, just because. We also wandered through Antwerp, Ghent, and Brugges. In the UK we did Cambridge regularly. It was great fun and I didn’t appreciate them close to enough at the time.

But I’m going to make darn sure I do the same with my spawn. Those hours or days, just the two of us that she carved out just to be with me, we’re just extended “I Love Yous” with hyper impressive scenery.

Maman à Versailles.
Maman à Versailles.

So, just in case I didn’t say it enough then, I love you back, Mum.

5 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day”

  1. Thanks! It’s still a bit too…pink…but I’m learning some fun new blog skills that I’ve been testing out.

    Pretty sure there was a handy step, actually.

  2. You and your siblings make every day Mother’s Day. I love you beyond expression. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.
    Let’s have some fun soon.

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