“I’m out for more clients. Which makes me sound like a hooker. Great.”
“Nothing wrong with the world’s oldest profession!  My assignments often include solicitation letters, so…”
– C. and Beth ponder the virtue of their pens

We did family photos with J.’s clan a while back and we just got the proofs. A few thoughts:

The camera does add 10 lbs, even after you’ve lost 20.

I am white as a ghost and probably should learn something about bronzer for future photo ops

Makeup in general NOT heavy enough.

For the first time in photos I feel like I look my age, as opposed to 5-10 years younger, I can’t tell if I’m a fan of that or not.

My sisters-in-law are gorgeous and gorgeously photogenic.

I believe sincerely in eye cream.

Holy cow. I’m short. I mean, duh, but seriously. My 11 year old niece is nose high! Heels next time, I think.

3 thoughts on “Commiseration”

  1. Photos are tough, for sure. I am lucky (sort of) having an in-house photographer in my hubby, but not every image (by far) is flattering. Lighting is really important and I always wear quite a bit more make-up than usual for headshots.

    1. You are lucky! We have an amazingly talented photog as a family friend who always gives us amazing discounts. I thought I’d applied my makeup pretty heavily (lots more than I wear) but more was clearly required!

      1. It really helps a lot to have someone who does it for a living — everything from when and how to tilt your head to using fill flash or bounced light; Jose even pulled over a whiteboard in the conference room where he took my latest headshot to reflect the window light.

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