Friday Links LIV

“I find it shelter to speak to you.”
– Emily Dickinson

Who knew!
Who knew!  (via)

I’m a firm believer that good people and good food is the cure to a lot of ills, even extraordinarily rough days.  Five years in with J. and I’m still incredibly amazed at how just hanging out with him makes hard things easier.  He’s my hands down favorite.  Unfortunately, in spite of a gloriously sumptuous dinner (tried scallops for the first time, if you can believe it – what else have I been missing?!), work is still a bit hectic today, kittens, so here are your links:

Here’s another Oscar nominated short film – and warning is a subtle sort of tear inducer.  Warning the second for pearl-clutchers, there are some hints a nudity but very faint, very stylized, appropriate to the subject matter (they abandoned the proverbial fig leaf) and truly nothing that I think would offend.  Don’t let that scare you off in anyway, because it’s really heartwarming and well worth watching!  (Update: alas, the vid has been made private!  Here’s a Jazz Age style cover of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop instead.  Also, pretty nifty.)

This photographer decided to do portraits of his daughter in the style of the Dutch masters – the results are great.

The latest recommendation by Peregrine – an excellent read!

London from space (I will be there in six months, I will be there in six months…)

Foldable, packable Hunter boots.  Genius.

Suddenly I’m feeling a desire for too much rouge and the charleston.  What a great cinematic find!

Tumblr find of the week – oh this brings back memories of middle school!  Peregrine and I once spent a whole afternoon choreographing a dance to an N’Sync song – not one of our proudest musical moments perhaps, but still quite funny to remember.

I’m not actually a major watch wearer, but this brand is singing a siren song to my wrist…

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