Friday Links LI

“There is little chance that meteorologists can solve the mysteries of weather until they gain an understanding of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends.”
~ Arnot Sheppard

Another hectic week, another near collapse…until Thursday when a reserve officer fell out of the sky (aka, the Sheriff’s Department) and took the front desk job! Praise Jupiter, Odin, and Quetzalcoatl! Already my life is substantially easier at work…although that doesn’t mean I got out of the office on time today. People do love to wait until five minutes until the end of the work week to get things done, don’t they? But at any rate, I have a pleasantly uneventful weekend lined with with research for the MP and a massively deep cleaning of the house. Here are your links, enjoy!

Even the greatest criminal mastermind can’t plan on everything.

If only I’d known, braiding my friends hair as a young teenager, that I could have tried this!  And now J.’s making “I liked your hair shorter” noises.  A history nerd can’t win.

This story is equal parts endearing and heartbreaking.

My stationary addiction continues without hope of cure.

Couture fashion fascinates me. You can say it’s over the top and impractical, and there are certainly designers who are, but haute clothes-making is an art that has dwindled in artisans to the point that couture houses are some of the few places you can find it. Not only that, but compare the massively priced but still cheap prom dresses of today to the creations of the House of Worth just a century ago – not even close. And those massive gowns were all done by hand; all the seams, the embroidery, the embellishment were individually created by someone without much use of machinery at all. We live in a world utterly removed from such work.  Here’s a short vid that shows, even briefly, the handcrafting that goes into a Chanel gown.

Still don’t want kids for a few years, baby enthusiasts stand down, but come on.  How adorable are these collections?! I had a whole Peter Rabbit tea set as a kid, bits and pieces of which are scattered about my parents’ house still, I’m sure. J.’s on the side of Pooh, I’m on the side of Potter – who shall win the battle to pick the decor of Someday Stormageddon’s nursey?  Now accepting bets.

Weekly sheep.  Seriously, I’m thinking of switching this thing up some, but I keep getting lazy.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links LI”

  1. I am definitely on the side of the rabbit. Love the intarsia sweaters. But where is Hunca Munca, the little mouse with the obsessive cleaning habit? I so relate to her.

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