Check Yourself

Dear World At Large,

checkTime for our occasional chat about the rules and regulations of living in a well ordered society – and how not to go about it.  Today’s lesson: know what you’re talking about before you cause a ruckus.

Do not, for example, come into a police department foaming at the mouth about how incompetent police officers are for mistaking the letter “O” and a zero if you yourself are not positive you personally know the difference yourself.  Because after making a scene, when we check the state database and it shows that you entered the wrong character in the university system – you look like an idiot and a real jerk.

It’s satisfying to fly into a righteous rage sometimes, but always double check that the fault doesn’t in some way lie with you before you go the way of the Hulk.  There are times where it is absolutely appropriate to get assertive, and even aggressive, but I maintain not until you have thoroughly examined it to ensure that you truly did not contribute to the mess.  Your indignation rather loses the moral high ground if you did.

Yours with love,
– C.

3 thoughts on “Check Yourself”

  1. Ahhhh, sending this to my husband. He flips his lid at unsuspecting customer service employees before he knows what’s going on. Many a server or cashier have looked like they’d like to immediately quit their jobs when he walks in the door.

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