Friday Links L (With a Prelude in C – see what I did there?)

“I should warn you, I’m awfully perky today.  Don’t worry, I don’t think it will last.”
– C.

jonah-hill-meme-generator-i-m-alive-404bbbMinions!  Well beloved minions, the crazy has passed!  …Well, not entirely since my chances to eat are a bit sporadic, but nonetheless, healing has commenced.

The semester is up and running and despite the continuing drama of doing the work of three positions, my desire to throw myself from the rooftops has all but dissipated.  Which isn’t to say busyness has ceased, I’m currently doing a crash course in legal contracts, I just signed up for a training course in blog, website, and online portfolio design, and I’m up to my elbows in spreadsheets.  Happy as a clam now that all of this is scheduled out instead of falling on top of me at once.

And it’s not all work!  The ever lovely Margot has invited me to the theatre with her tomorrow evening (dinner and black dresses required, of course).  And then she got even more generous by offering me an extra ticket to an event where a well-known author will be speaking on the writing and publishing industry.  Okay, that’s kind of work related but in the nicest possible way!  Many thanks, lovely, for inviting me!

We’re – mostly – over the date change shock and have already found a number of shiny silver linings.  I’m sort of putting on a good front for public viewing, as internally I’m still reeling, but like Deborah Kerr whistling to make her character brave, faking it does wonders at convincing one’s self.

Now, as a reward for getting through all that, here are your links!

What an interesting cultural choice!  Here’s a bit more background on the practice.

Makes sense?  No, of course it doesn’t.

God Save the Queen.

There’s something about an impending move that makes you want to get rid of old knickknacks.  And, apparently, be on the lookout for their eventual replacements.  This one is even cuter and I covet it deeply for my work out reward jar.

J. could probably speak more to this, as he lived there for a couple of years, but there have been a lot of stories recently about the surgically obsessed culture of South Korea.  Jezebel has a lineup and links to more of the pictures of patients – though I’m sure not a few are photoshopped to exaggerate results.  There are links at the bottom of the story that are well worth a look in, especially the This American Life story.  I can’t make up my mind if this sort of culture needs a major adjustment, or if it’s just more honest than most about the importance we all place on purely external properties…

My current guiding mantra.

There’s a lot of people with a lot of ideas about when/how/why/why not/if other people should have children.  Including governments.  Here’s an interesting article on how nations encourage or forbid their citizens to spawn.  (Sidenote: seriously, Russia?)

This is genius.  Overindulgence officially has no excuse.  Drat.

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