Friday Links XLVIII

“The really idle man gets nowhere.  The perpetually busy man does not get much further.”
– Sir Heneage Ogilvie

busy-dog-300x225Just a quick batch of links for you this week, ducklings.  I’ve spent the past three days at work scrambling to get a multitude of projects done, and have yet more projects to do this weekend.  Farewell, vacation, we hardly new ye!

I am shocked.  Shocked!  And so are these guys.

How fun is this photo project?

What a great tour!

I’m rather baffled that this is a thing – the years I spent with my mouth being forcibly rearranged have not yet left my memory.  They say beauty is pain (I say they’re not doing it right, but whatever), but I still think this is a silly trend.

I’m also baffled that this is a thing too.  Granted I’ve spend time, energy, votes, and effort keeping a lot of people (politicians, total strangers with breeding opinions, etc.) out of my uterus.  So, throwing a party to give people a tour strikes me as a bit weird – but I’m not exactly child friendly.  What’s the verdict, kittens?

Inspiring story of an artist.

This weekly sheep…clearly doesn’t have the hang of it yet.

One thought on “Friday Links XLVIII”

  1. I love your weekly links! It’s one of my favorite things that happens each week. Also, this week’s was fantastic! I think we need to throw all SORTS of ultrasound parties, looking at all sorts of bodily organs. I mean, why not? A spleen party? Next new trend, methinks!

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