Dispatch From the Front

Academe, n.:  An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught.  Academy, n.:  A modern school where football is taught.
~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

Dear me, I think the semester has started.

The evidence: lines out the door, barely a third of my To Do list done (and it’s length growing exponentially), swarms of student pin-balling around campus in various states of befuddlement, calls from hysterical parents, and no lunch break.

Normally this would feel either overwhelming or at least a bit irritating, but it’s amazing what the prospect of London and working on Mysterious Projects can do for a girl.  Once she makes it through the midday “Where is my bloody chocolate bar?!  What New Year’s diet?!” episode anyway.

Don't judge me.
Don’t judge me.


5 thoughts on “Dispatch From the Front”

  1. Lon-don! Lon-don!

    Maybe do something subtle like set up a red digital board at your desk — like the national debt meter, but this is the “I cannot WAIT to flee meter” — counting down the minutes and seconds until you quit. 🙂

  2. Amazing how things get easier when you can see the end in sight! I had a mostly awful job before I started this mom gig. I spent most days hating it over three years. My last 4 months there were wonderful, mostly because I knew I was so close to stay-at-home motherdom 🙂

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