Friday Links XLIII

Fridays are not ‘pants optional.’
– Nancy Cartwright

I’m busy, but I’m on track to finish my whole To Do list by the end of the day.  Here, look at the shiny things and let Aunty C. work!

I am this happy.
I am this happy.

What’s that, minion?  You say you’re feeling a bit down and discouraged?  Allow me to help.

(Dad, skip this one.  In fact, anyone uncomfortable with anything have to do with, ah, conjugal activity, skip this one.  The more prurient of you read on in badly suppressed shame:)  A couple of years ago, J. and I were listening to NPR when a story came on about the Bad Sex Awards, a prize given for the worst depiction of – well, let’s keep it coy here – in a non-erotic work of fiction.  And they are hysterical.  Naturally, this is a British invention.  Seriously, this is too funny to me not to share but this is your last warning: if you plan on clicking through, do so in the privacy of your own home – if for no other reason to keep your friends and associates from hearing you howl in laughter at the awfulness.  (Sorry, Dad.)

A photographer’s fascinating project on the hijab.

Interesting article on the hard knock life of those who don’t make star status in the NFL.

I love puzzles and riddles but I’d have thrown my hands up over this one.  Tangentially, I think we need a secret Small Dog society now, don’t you?

This Etsy shop has been the source of much fun for me (and make wonderful presents, by the way).  This one is my current favorite.

A variation on the weekly sheep for your viewing pleasure.  I want an attack goat.

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