Housing Reflections

“Pride is still aiming at the best houses.”
– Alexander Pope

This time of year gets a bit tricksy with the budget, after all presents must be bought!  But I had an interesting moment yesterday whilst writing out a check for December rent and simultaneously bemoaning car maintenance (new tires) – I realized I’m only going to be writing (probably) two more rent checks to our current landlord.  Part of our contract involved paying first and last month’s rent up front, and I’m currently working on the theory that we’ll be leaving the area sometime in March.  Thus there’s only January and February to go

Just like that, a rather hectic day improved.  London is very close.

Mum rather blew the fairy dust off of my first grown up/married flat when she came to visit this past summer (her exact words were, “Well, this is a bit grim, huh?”), and I like to tease her for it, but it’s true.  Our little flat is old and cheap, there is no dishwasher or laundry hookups, the furnace is a couple centuries below code, but it works.  It’s been good to us.  And the chances of us getting another two bedroom place in London for such a ridiculously low price are so infinitesimal as to be laughable.

I’m not sad to be moving on to new things, and I’m not sad that I have only two more rent checks to write here, but I’m always going to fond of our little place.

(Work’s still ridiculous, so posts this week are going to be blurb style.  I mostly write this blog to keep my hand in, and I’ve been neglecting it.  For shame, C.!  I could be lazy and wait for the new year to make a resolution, but I think that procrastinating resolutions rather defeats the purpose, no?  Prepare yourself for stream of consciousness, links, and ramblings!)

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