Friday Links XX (Stuff and Nonesense)

“Friday: The day after Thursday and before Saturday according to Rebecca Black. Also the most annoying day of the week now.”
― Aaron Peckham

Albeit bored.

Hello.  Nope, not dead.  But honestly, nothing happened this week at.  Nothing at all.  And today, I’m sorry to say, is no different.

Regardless, you’re my minions and I adore you.  I’ll try to get into some scrapes next week, just for you.  Here are your links in the meantime:

SPF is your friend, kittens, wear it.

Is Pintrest really as innovative as some people think?  Or is it just the latest manifestation of human beings’ desire to “consume without purchasing?”  Here’s an interesting post with equally interesting links from the National Trust Collections’ blog.

Too cool!  I had a g’duh moment talking to J. the other day.  There’s a noted Shakespeare festival halfway between us and Flyboy’s wedding so I mentioned maybe stopping off to see a show on the way back.  J. looked at me funny and returned, “Or we could just go to The Globe when we’re back in London next year.”  Sometimes I’m dismayed at myself, kittens.

Yet another product endorsement from C. Small Dog.  This is my new go-to cat eye creating liner for the summer (it stayed on through an hour of kickboxing and zumba each) and my lashes are growing longer.  While I can never hope to achieve Chip’s indecent-for-a-baby-boy flutterers, I’m closer.

Speaking of products, how neat are these destination based fragrances?  Which city sounds best to you?

Here’s an article on perfume bottles and marketing, too.  Lady minions, do you have a signature scent or do you change your fragrances like you change your nail polish?  I’m a Coco Mademoiselle girl myself, but I have one extra scent that Peregrine gave me for my birthday one year that only makes appearances during the hot days of summer.


Fascinating documentary on obesity in the US.  I think HBO did a great job to portray the situation from socioeconomic, historical trend, ethnic, industry, and healthcare viewpoints and there’s a lot to learn and think about.

NYT have declared this the year of the fringe/bang (depending on your vernacular).  Weigh in.

Good grief, let’s just all dress in paper bags so no one’s happy!

I found a piece of knapped flint once and an arrowhead…yeah, not as cool

Sheep of the week, in desperate need of a shearing.

One thought on “Friday Links XX (Stuff and Nonesense)”

  1. As far as bangs go, I don’t care if others get them or not but they’re so not for me. They drive me nuts – you have to trim them all the time and I could never style them just right. My sister cuts my hair and she’s always trying to convince me to do something drastic to it but I’m boring and pretty much just keep it the same. I remember growing my bangs out and there’s no way I ever want to do that again – what a pain!

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