Alive (and sort of kicking)

“Catch, then, O catch the transient hour; Improve each moment as it flies.”
– St. Jerome

Alright, piglets!  Recap of the past week and a half and a preview of coming attractions.  Picture Grace Kelly saying it looking slinky and fabulous in some serious 1950’s night gear, believe it or not it ties into recent events:

So as not to offend maiden aunts and pearl clutchers, here’s an alternate image.

I hurt my knee exercising and lazed away on the sofa for days afterward.  Immediately I gained forty-seven pounds (approximately) and since my gym classes are currently on break for the week, I am rediscovering exactly how bad I can be at self-motivation once a habit has been broken.  But you don’t judge me, do you minions?

My in-laws took me out for a birthday lunch last Saturday, which as usual I managed to complicate.  It was at a venue I’d never been to before on an area of road that has recently received a major overhaul and is a bit hard to navigate.  Nevertheless I followed the signs only to find the whole area (consisting of shops, open farms, gardens, museums, and other family friendly dittos), was overrun by a Scottish festival.  The nearest parking was along the road and a half hour’s walk to the main buildings.  I wended my way through many a kilted man wielding a broadsword shouting in horrendous fake-Scotch (mostly quoting Braveheart), only to discover I was in the wrong area and the bistro was actually located a couple of miles away in separate gardens – and, of course, I’d misplaced my mobile the day before.  Luckily a very helpful lady at the information center called up the bistro and I was able to enlist Atticus to come rescue me.  I didn’t live it down for the rest of the day, but frolicking with my nieces and nephews did much to lessen the smart of ridiculousness.

The smart returned when I found my mobile later that day.  In the trunk of my car.

The construction of the highway interfered again when I went to Margot’s bridal shower last night – and it took me over an hour to take what should have been a twenty minute trip.  Also, I was the only one who showed up with a Victoria’s Secret bag – almost everyone else brought kitchen gear – with the exception of Margot’s sister who also brought something silky and scandalous.  Thank goodness!  I don’t mind being a scandalous friend, but for heaven’s sake I had only barely met their mother!

J.’s last final is tomorrow and he’s coming home on Monday!  At which point I will have to relinquish the half of his closet I took over…drat.  On the other hand, I won’t have to do dishes anymore, huzzah!

Margot gets married this Friday, Flyboy gets married over the two weekends after that – two out of state parties in a row.  Note to self, get nails done at some point.

My landlord should be checking out my plumbing today, which would be much more exciting had we not first asked them to look at a few problems back in March.  In the meantime an empty bucket has been living under my bathroom sink to catch the leakage, and my patience is long dead.

There, you’re all caught up.  What have you been doing with yourselves, ducklings?

One thought on “Alive (and sort of kicking)”

  1. I feel like I’ve been super busy lately, even though I’m only working 15 hours a week – and next week I add another 24 hrs/wk with a new job. Ah! How will I stay on top of everything?!

    So excited to hear J. is coming home! You must be thrilled. 🙂

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